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Let us be clear:

In no way, shape or form did Blac Chyna deserve to have her naked photos released to the public by Rob Kardashian.

She didn’t deserve for him to rant and rave against her earlier this month, either, not when Rob stooped to such a level that he was calling his baby mama out as a plastic surgery-obsessed drug addict.

Kardashian was very much in the wrong here.

However… it is worth remembering, to some extent, that Rob’s diatribe stemmed from a video Chyna sent him of her and another guy (later identified as a rapper named Ferrari) making out.

Might Chyna be better served keeping her romantic dalliances private? Probably.

But she apparently has not learned this lesson.

Blac Chyna and Mechie
Photo via Instagram

On Friday morning, the reality star shared footage of her and a new man (some singer named Mechie) getting up close and pretty darn friendly.

There’s some touching, some kissing and one rather noticeable tattoo on Mechie’s neck.

Oh, yes, that appears to be a "BC" tattoo, which is exactly what Chyna wrote as a caption to this video: BC.

Mechie Kisses Blac Chyna
Photo via Instagram

According to TMZ, Mechie and Chyna have been hooking up for about two months.

In the video below, she can be seen playing with the camera and locking eyes with her apparent new lover as Yo Gotti and Mike Will Made-It’s "Rake It Up" plays in the background.

That track features Nicki Minaj, with whom Chyna is collaborating on a new music video.

So, could this be all in good fun? Might it be some kind of promotion for that video? We guess so. It’s possible.

And, for the sake of Mechie, Pilot Jones would say it better be the case.

But how would that explain the BC tattoo?

Check out the quick piece of footage for yourself and see if you can judge whether the feelings between Mechie and Chyna are real or not…