Kylie Jenner: Stormi Webster Photo Most-Liked in Instagram History

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As pretty much everyone on the planet knows at this point, Kylie Jenner gave birth to her baby girl. On Sunday, she shared that beautiful news with her fans.

On Tuesday, Kylie revealed her daughter's name on Instagram.

That post is now the most-liked photo on Instagram. Which means that Kylie just beat Beyonce. Let that sink in.

Kylie Jenner and Baby Stormi

Yes, Kylie's daughter is named Stormi Webster.

(Yes, whatever jokes just came to your mind, Twitter's comments on Stormi Webster have them covered)

Kylie revealed her sweet little baby's first name in the captions of her Instagram post, accompanied by this photo.

She later edited that caption to reveal Stormi's last name.

Some fans were surprised, thinking that Stormi's last name would either be Jenner like her mother's or Scott for Travis Scott, the baby daddy.

But Travis Scott is just a stage name -- Jacques Webster is his real name. So his daughter's name is Stormi Webster.

Kylie Jenner Baby Announcement Instagram Likes

With a post this popular, any screenshot is out of date within seconds.

That is already beyond the 11,242,823 likes that Beyonce's pregnancy announcement photo had when that screenshot was taken.

The gap isn't narrow -- it's by the millions, and growing with every moment that passes.

Beyonce is one of the biggest stars in the world and she was pregnant with twins. How, some wonder, did Kylie outpace her so quickly in Instagram likes?

Part of that, of course, is that Kylie withheld new material for months and months and months. Fans were starving, and suddenly blessed with a cute baby photo.

The other part is that, quite frankly, Kylie's demographic is youth-oriented and it's Kylie's core fans who are most likely to be active on Instagram. Yes, even more likely than Beyonce's core fans who are really only a few years older.

Kylie Jenner and Her Baby Girl!!

We still haven't gotten a full photo of sweet baby Stormi.

Although Kylie has spent half of her life in the spotlight and is therefore extra sensitive to the burdens of fame, she's not likely to keep Stormi hidden away forever.

Instead, Kylie will probably share a real baby photo when she feels that the time is right.

(Or maybe when Stormi looks up to it -- sometimes, newborns are born covered in baby acne or otherwise need a few days to ... well, cool off after being in the oven, so to speak)

The question is ... will that inevitable picture get more likes than this one?

Kylie's Bump

Honestly? Who knows.

And though branding is almost second nature to Kylie, we suspect that this isn't really on her mind.

She's reportedly eager to get back to her regular life -- except, you know, she's a mom now, so even with all of the paid help in the world, her life will never be the same again.

On some level, though, she'll always be preoccupied with her daughter. We don't just mean now, when Stormi is a newborn and most likely to need her.

Parents remain preoccupied with thoughts of their children ... well, for life.

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