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It seems like just yesterday that we were hearing who won Season 13 of The Voice, but Season 14 will be here before you know it.

This year, Kelly Clarkson is joining the The Voice as one of the coaches.

But … apparently things aren’t all smiles behind the scenes. In fact, a report claims that Clarkson is a total diva backstage and almost impossible to work with.

Kelly Clarkson with a White Rose

35-year-old Kelly Clarkson first rose to fame on the inaugural season of American Idol.

From her humble, "white trash" beginnings — her words — she skyrocketed to stardom with a successful music career.

As much as fans hate when Kelly Clarkson says stupid things, they love to see her shut down body-shamers in a very down-to-earth way. Mostly, they love her music.

Now, she’s joining Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys as a coach on The Voice.

But, according to RadarOnline‘s source, Kelly Clarkson’s alleged diva behavior is causing some tensions and unhappiness and the season hasn’t even begun to air.

Kelly Clarkson Takes a Seat

Apparently, there are a number of problems.

"She’s not the person that everyone thought she was going to be."

Based upon Kelly Clarkson’s branding, people probably expected a down-to-earth, minimal-nonsense singer with humble roots who is hesitant to bash anyone.

And the source gets pretty specific about what they got instead.

"She is bossy and argumentative."

Apparently some of the problems began before she even walked in the door.

"The other judges, especially Blake, already had an issue with her."

Kelly Clarkson at the Globes

That issue, it seems, was financial in nature.

"Because of the amount of money they reportedly paid her to join the cast."

But it goes beyond the bottom line and extends to promos.

"One of the main issues is that producers are making Kelly a central focus on everything."

This sounds familiar.

"And she is also taking center stage on all of the promos that are being shot so far."

You know how Kate Mulgrew was famously unhappy with how Jeri Ryan become front-and-center on every billboard and ad for Star Trek: Voyager back in the ’90s?

This sounds like that same kind of resentment — but with personality issues to make things personal.

Kelly Clarkson at 2017 AMAs

The source goes on to list Kelly Clarkson’s other alleged grating habits.

"She comes in when she wants to."

Oooh, that’s never good. And very diva.

"She seems to think that it is all one big game."

I mean, it is literally a talent competition. It’s a game.

(But we get their meaning, here — her alleged behavior is unprofessional to an off-putting degree)

The Hollywood Gossip Logo

"At the same time, she is overly certain that she will win this season."

Cavalier and cocky at the same time? Yikes.

"Of course Blake is irritated with Kelly! Everyone is."

Blake’s come up more than once, perhaps because we’ve heard some things about Blake Shelton’s alleged diva behavior, too.

It sounds like they both need a dose of reality. They’re on The Voice. Nobody gets to put on airs when they’re judging a reality series. No matter how much they’re getting paid.