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As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child earlier this month.

Reports about Kylizzle’s new life as a 20-year-old mom have been everywhere lately, but if you’re not a fan of contemporary hip-hop you might not know much about her baby daddy, rapper Travis Scott.

So here’s a quick crash course:

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott... Together!
Photo via instagram

For starters, he’s apparently successful enough to hand out Ferraris as gifts.

Yes, Travis gifted Kylie with a $1.4 million sports car as a "push present."

The trend of husbands giving gifts to new moms has increased in popularity in recent years, but these tokens of appreciation usually take the form of a new tennis bracelet or a certificate for a spa day.

Obviously, Travis took things to a new level.

The gesture is more than a tad ostentatious, but if there’s one thing that the ladies of the Kardashian-Jenner clan love, it’s flaunting their wealth, right?

Travis Scott Red Carpet Pic
Photo via Getty

Well, yes, but apparently they’re not too crazy about this particular lavish display.

According to People magazine several members of the Kardashian clan were already on the fence about Travis, and his attempt to impress them with his success didn’t go over well.

“Everyone thinks it’s the most ridiculous ‘gift’ ever,” a source tells the magazine.

Apparently the family is quite picky when it comes to Kylie’s suitors.

They felt Tyga wasn’t successful enough to be her partner (even though he also bought Kylie a car), and now it seems they think Travis is a bit too impressed with herself.

Kylie Jenner, Pregnant, and Travis Scott
Photo via YouTube

As for the nature of the present – well, a 7-figure sports car might seem like an odd choice, but apparently flashy vehicles are the way to Kylie’s heart.

But it’s not because she’s a closet gearhead…

“[Kylie] has been obsessed with cars for a while. It’s just like a status thing," says the insider.

"She gets a kick out of the fact that people will stare. She likes to show off her wealth,” 

You’d think that as one of the most famous young women on the planet, Kylie would be getting sick of the stares and wouldn’t feel the need to remind everyone that she’s rich.

But at the same time … it’s not like we’d expect her (or any 20-year-old) to turn down a $1.4 million car.