Tyga Gifts Kylie Jenner with $189,000 Birthday Present

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Quick, name a hit song by Tyga.

It's not easy, is it?

Tyga Likes Boston

We ask this question in order to ask another question:

How the heck is Tyga so gosh darn rich?!? 

Last year around this time, the rapper presented Kylie Jenner with a Ferrari convertible that most car experts estimated to have cost approximately $3200,000.

You can see Kylie driving it in this video:

That was quite the generous gift from Tyga, but, hey, Kylie was turning 18 years old.

At least that marks a milestone occasion.

This year, however, Kylie is turning 19 years old on August 10. It's a pretty random and pointless birthday; one year after the big 1-8, one year prior to hitting one's 20s.

It's not exactly cause for a major celebration.

But try telling that to Tyga.

On Saturday, the 26-year-old gave his girlfriend a Mercedes-Benz that cost, at minimum, $189,000.

At least now we know why Kylie keeps going back to Tyga, despite him seeming like sort of a douche.

On a video posted to Snapchat, Jenner films the black Maybach and gushes over her new vehicle.

"Happy early birthday to me," she says, adding: "Yay! I love you, T."

inside car

Jenner later added a picture of the interior, writing as captioned to it: "Almost too boss for me."


Tyga also purchased for Jenner an insanely expensive Rolex for her high school graduation on July of 2015.

There was actually talk soon after Tyga bought these items for Jenner that Tyga was broke.

We can't believe that's actually the case, although we do refer readers back to the opening of this article.

From where is Tyga getting all this money?!? Club appearance? Keeping Up with the Kardashians cameo?

The guy isn't exactly shooting up the Billboard charts with any singles. 

expensive car

Last Wednesday, the rapper told Hollywood Today Live that he had a sort of hard time deciding what to give Jenner for her 19th birthday.

"She might be watching, so I can't [say]," he said, when asked about his gift.

"It's really just about what you feel. How do you get someone that has everything, you know?"

You could make them something unique and personal, like a ceramic coffee mug or something.

Either that... or you could blow six figures on a car Kylie may drive once or twice. 

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