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On last night’s Teen Mom OG, viewers received an in-depth look at the heartbreaking struggle of fan favorite Catelynn Lowell.

In the episode, Catelynn suffered a miscarriage that triggered a relapse of the mental health issues that have plagued her adolescence.

Catelynn Lowell with Pink Hair
Photo via Instagram

After revealing that she struggled with thoughts of suicide, Catelynn checked into rehab to seek treatment for trauma and severe depression.

The episode ended with an ominous "to be continued…" and offered little in the way of closure and resolution.

Fortunately, thanks to social media and her candid relationship with her fans, we have new information about Catelynn’s plight, and the news is very promising.

The most recent installment of TMOG was filmed back in November, and Catelynn returned to rehab for a second round of treatment in January of this year.

Tyler and Catelynn Post-Therapy

Following last night’s episode, Catelynn took to Instagram to inform fans that she’s back home and working toward recovery.

“Finally home and it feels so good!” Lowell wrote.

Her husband, Tyler Baltierra, also took to social media to share his thoughts on one of the most emotional episodes in the show’s history.

"That baby may have not been fully grown in the womb…but it was fully grown in our hearts," he tweeted in response to the outpouring of concern over Catelynn’s miscarriage.

"For every parent out there who has lost a baby…it is not your fault & it is more than acceptable & understandable to mourn the loss of that baby & take your time to grieve #ParentStrong"

Tyler and Catelynn Pic
Photo via instagram

Throughout this season, Tyler has been applauded for the strength and support he’s provided for Catelynn.

During last night’s episode, he was also praised for opening up about an experience that millions of expectant parents have endured, but few talk about:

“It’s very traumatic. When you see her shaking and she’s got blood everywhere, it’s like … you don’t really know what to do,” he told one of the show’s producers.

“She kind of cleaned herself up, and we kind of figured out what was going on. Spotting is normal, but all the clotting is not. So we just saw on the bed and cried. We just held each other. There’s nothing you can really do.”

Watch Teen Mom OG online to relive the rocky road that brought Catelynn and Tyler to where they are today.