Jenelle Evans FINALLY Addresses Pregnancy Rumors!

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Of all the cast members of MTV's hit shows Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans is not exactly the most beloved.

In fact, she seems perennially locked in an eternal battle with Farrah Abraham for the title of Most Hated Cast Member.

Jenelle on Instagram

But despite mixed feelings and animosity, fans remain fascinated by Jenelle's life - and who could blame them?

The woman is nicknamed the Carolina Hurricane for a reason, after all. There's always a storm on the horizon.

PIn fact, pretty much the only constant in Jenelle's turbulent life is that it's constantly filled with massive drama.

It's a condition that might make life stressful for those around her, but it also makes for compelling reality TV.

For example ... 

Jenelle Evans Promoting Lipstick

As you know, Jenelle just married David Eason in September, and their marriage is already the subject of constant rumors.

First, there were reports that Jenelle and David are headed for divorce mere weeks after the couple exchanged vows.

The Easons claimed otherwise.

Given their shaky relationship with the truth, however, it's not hard to see why they had a hard time convincing fans that all was well.

(The fact that David changed his Facebook relationship status to "single" didn't help their blissful-marriage claims.)

Dave and Jenelle Eason

Anyway, after weeks of rumors and non-stop speculation about the state of their union, a stunning thing happened:

Teen Mom Twitter completely reversed course.

Fans of the show and media outlets alike began going with the narrative that Jenelle and David's relationship is just fine.

In fact, several media outlets insisted that - far from getting divorced - the Easons were planning to welcome a fourth child.

Jenelle wanted nothing to do with those reports, though, and tweeted this as evidence that she's not currently expecting ...

Jenelle Evans: I'm Not Pregnant!

The 26-year-old Evans captioned the pic:

"Now the @theinquisitr is FASELY trying to report that I’m pregnant with baby 4 and has @ok_magazine convinced and also writing FALSE statements about me once again.” 

“So kill your curiosity, I’m not pregnant.”

Fans were mostly convinced by the image and her explanation, but they still had fun taking some shots at Jenelle:

"Isn’t this the drama you said you weren’t entertaining?” one follower wrote, pointing out the irony in her comment.

Jenelle Evans Family Selfie

“Anything to try and stay relevant huh?” another said, accusing Jenelle of using divorce and pregnancy rumors for attention.

Because it's generally pretty funny to roast Jenelle, we won't bother pointing out the irony of fans calling her out over this.

Taking the time to visit, follow and comment on a celebrity's social media page to inform them they're no longer relevant?

Yeah. Just saying.

Anyway, it seems that Ms. Evans very much has her guard up these days when it comes to the public's perception of her.

In addition to the aforementioned tummy tweet and pic, the mother of Jace, Kaiser and Ensley said the following on Twitter:

"Today’s motto: TRUST NO ONE."

All caps?! No lowercase at all!?

Clearly, the woman is serious.

Mess with her at your peril. And watch Teen Mom 2 online for more shenanigans from the volatile Carolina Hurricane.

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