Danielle Bregoli: Father Signs Away Parental Rights

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Danielle Bregoli ... Cash Me Ousside Girl ... Bhad Bhabie ... whatever her name, this 14-year-old rose to viral fame and has used that to launch a music career.

This success was what finally drew the attention of her long-absent father, who promptly ... begged the court to let him cut off paying child support. And he probably wanted a piece of the pie.

Now, he's reached an agreement with Danielle Bregoli's mother: He's no longer Danielle's father. How much money did he get out of this?

Danielle Bregoli, Pensive on the Stairs

TMZ reports that, legally speaking, Danielle Bregoli doesn't have a father.

As in, Ira has reached an agreement in which he will terminate his parental rights over Danielle. He's waved custody and his name is no longer on Danielle's birth certificate.


Mostly because he doesn't want to pay child support anymore.

TMZ suggests that Danielle (or, rather, her mother) paid Ira an unknown sum to make the agreement and go away instead of leveraging his parental rights to make life difficult.

How much, however, is unknown. But considering how much Danielle is making, there are a lot of possibilities.

Danielle Bregoli, Tongue Out

Danielle Bregoli became famous at 13 for telling Dr. Phil's audience to "cash her ousside," indicating that she wanted to physically confront them for laughing at her.

Now, at 14, she has a budding music career under the name Bhad Bhabie.

Her charmingly titled song, "Hi Bich," features some interesting lyrical confessions:

"But now I'm breaking records and I'm making history/Why can't they stop me? I swear it's a mystery."

Danielle Bregoli's lyrics may not exactly be groundbreaking, but ... these lines aren't exactly wrong.

Danielle Bregoli, Tongue Out in a Car

Danielle Bregoli is breaking records -- because most music by singers her age doesn't do this well.

But it looks like her album is a million-dollar deal.

Overall, Bhad Bhabie is raking in a lot of dough.

She paid off her mother's mortgage and she certainly seems to be living a lavish lifestyle.

Fans hope that her bad behavior -- which made her famous in the first place -- is a thing of the past. 

Outside of her music videos, of course -- the girl's got a brand to maintain.

We mention Danielle Bregoli's successful music career as well as her history of bad behavior, because they're both relevant to her strained relationship with her absentee father, Ira Peskowitz.

Danielle Bregoli with Nails for Days

If you think that this whole situation is sad, you're right -- but it gets sadder.

First of all, Danielle Bregoli's mom has been accused of abuse. There are worse ways to parent than being absent, folks.

And Danielle has accused her father of only speaking up in her life to ask if his daughter's success means that he can stop paying child support ... and to see if he can ride her coattails and get a share of her riches.

(Anyone reminded of Justin Bieber's father?)

Ira was also outspoken about condemning Danielle Bregoli's behavior. In private, that sounds reasonable. In public, however, it's not really appropriate for a parent to speak about their minor child like that.

Besides, many believe that he only said that as a warning shot -- that he might try to interfere with Danielle's career if he didn't get a cut of her earnings.

It sounds like, as shameful as his absence from her life was, Danielle is better off without him.

Danielle Bregoli, Contemplative

Danielle Bregoli was sentenced for the same misdemeanors that got her on Dr. Phil's show in the first place -- and, ultimately, made her famous.

She's on probation, and will remain on probation for a surprising number of years.

It's tempting to point to Bhad Bhabie as a target of ridicule, or to lament that the new version of the "American Dream" that she's living out is a nightmare.

But when you look at where she comes from -- her parents, but also Florida as a concept -- this music career is an opportunity for her to escape what would have essentially been a doomed life.

Let's hope that she makes the most of it.

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