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It turns out that the "cash" in "cash me ousside" has now become literal cash.

That’s right, folks — a poorly behaved 14-year-old is living what some would describe as a total perversion of the American dream, and she’s taking it all the way to the bank.

As depressing as that is, you have to hear how much money she’s about to be worth.

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Danielle Bregoli rose to fame thanks to her appearance on Dr. Phil. Yet another grievance that many have with the Walrus Man.

At the time, she was a poorly behaved 13-year-old whose out-of-control behavior had gotten her on the show in the first place.

(One of her instances of wrongdoing was stealing her mother’s car, which … that would be bad at 16 or whatever the driving age is in the hellscape of Florida, but there are even more reasons for which 13-year-olds should not be stealing cars)

Now, Danielle Bregoli has been sentenced to probation for these offenses — though, if she violates them, you will cash her in jail.

But why she went on the show is no longer relevant.

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See, at one point, the audience laughed at her — at her expense, not along with her joke.

Like an angry 13-year-old, she lashed out verbally, saying "cash me ousside, howbow dah?"

(In more formal language, which humans who didn’t grow up with Danielle Bregoli’s awful mom use, that means "meet me outside so that we can fight, okay?")

She immediately became an internet sensation, a meme, and a minor celebrity.

She wasn’t about to ignore that and shrink back into obscurity. She now has a social media presence, a ridiculous new music career, and her very own reality series in the works.

Also, she met Kim Kardashian. Howbow dah?

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But how much is Danielle, who is now 14, making while doing all of this?

We’ve spoken about Danielle Bregoli’s net worth before, but a lot has changed in half a year.

Even with the reality series still not out, Danielle — styling herself with the "Bhad Bhabie" moniker because she lives to make us rub our temples with emotional fatigue — has music out.

She’s been doing endorsement deals via social media, sometimes misusing slang in what must be a tongue-in-cheek mockery of the companies paying her for these ads.

(Seriously, in one Instagram ad she captioned "Ruffles are bae," which she must have meant as a joke)

But her album deal alone is reportedly a million-dollar deal.

The album in turn is going to increase her expected revenues from product endorsements on social media, so we can expect that number to go up.

And then her reality television project could increase that substantially.

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Inquisitr projects that Danielle Bregoli’s net worth could be as much as $10 million, and relatively soon.

That’s with the endorsements, the recording contracts, and the reality series combined.

That puts her considerably shy of Kylie Jenner’s makeup business, which is projected to be worth a billion dollars in just five years.

But that’s still a huge deal, for anyone.

We’re torn between being happy that Danielle is getting a second chance at life and could potentially turn her life around and being horrified that terrible behavior can get you rich while good, hard-working people suffer and die in poverty.

The world is a strange place.