Amy Roloff Takes Trip with Boyfriend, Hears It from the Haters

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Amy Roloff recently went on an innocent and enjoyable vacation with long-time boyfriend Chris Marek.

Or at least Amy Roloff thought she went on an innocent and enjoyable vacation with long-time boyfriend Chris Marek.

As we're discovering nearly everyday, however, the Little People, Big World star can't do much of anything without getting dragged all around the Internet by a bunch of trolls and haters.

Amy and Chris Marek on Vacation

In this case, Amy simply shared the photo above and included with it the caption below:

What a blast! Went to ID to visit Chris’s family and go snowmobiling. Just beautiful.

She also added the hashtags "#allaboutfamily #amyssecondactcontinues #snowmobiling #idahocountry #chrisandamyPdx."

Seems like a fun little trip to take during the winter, a nice way to take advantage of the cold elements while enjoying some time together as a couple.

That's how we view it, at least.

But certain people on Instagram responded to this picture in the same way they have responded to old photos of Amy and Chris: via lots of disdain and scorn for some reason.

One individual, for example, actually dragged Amy for her appearance, writing:

"Please smile with your mouth closed!!! YIKES."

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Valentines 2018

Another, meanwhile, looked at this picture and instantly jumped to the conclusion that upcoming installments of Little People, Big World would focus entirely on this romance.

"Have a feeling the new shows are going to be her little adventures," wrote this person, clearly unhappy with this prospect while adding:

"not what LPBW has always been about...hope not....would be disappointing if they change the show...others shows have tried that and it did not work...."

We'd love to know why this user thinks such a thing - and also why this user thinks such a thing would be so terrible.

amy hate

Despite the fact that Amy and Matt Roloff have been divorced for years and that each has moved on to someone else and that the split is very amicable...

... many viewers just can't handle the idea of Amy dating Chris.

They took her to task just a few weeks ago for another picture she shared of herself and Marek, slamming Roloff for living in sin because they assumed she and her man had moved in together.

One, this has never been confirmed.

Two, who the heck is anyone to judge Amy if she did decide to reside with her serious boyfriend?!?

Amy Roloff & Chris Marek Image

Thankfully, Amy does still have a lot of supporters out there.

A user named "lovemydogs3," for example, wrote the following in response to the first image posted in this article:

Happy for you Amy! You’re a wonderful person and glad you found someone to have adventures with! I know from previous shows you are an adventurer.

You have a great spirit! God bless you.

Really, is that attitude so difficult for others to express as well?

Must we wildly speculate about Marek's motives for dating Roloff?

Sadly, this is what some folks out there think the Internet is for.

We're just glad to see that Amy doesn't appear to be letting the misguided hate bring her down.

You keep doing you, girl.

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