Chris Brown on Wendy Williams' Illness: You Deserve It! Karma, B-tch!

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When controversial talk show host Wendy Williams announced her illness and leave of absence, a number of people couldn't help but take a little satisfaction.

That might be unfair -- even though Wendy Williams makes her living by gleefully relishing in the misfortunes of others. And she's made a number of enemies along the way.

But ... does Chris Brown, of all people, have any room to talk?

Wendy Williams Goes Down

It was with a heavy heart (given the circumstances, we'll withhold jokes about Wendy Williams not having a heart) that Wendy Williams broke the news to her fans.

"My doctor has prescribed -- are you ready? -- three weeks of vacation."

Plenty of folks would love a three-week break from work, but when a doctor is ordering that, you know that it's serious.

She makes a joke about coming back after only two weeks because, thanks to her humble origins, she's concerned over who will pay her bills.

(Wendy Williams' net worth is estimated to be about $60 million. We sincerely hope that she'll be able to use those meager funds to keep the lights on for a few weeks)

Wendy Williams Acts Surprised

The reason for this doctor-instructed break from making cruel jabs at suffering celebrities and concocting wild theories about the motives behind new romances and breakups?

She suffers from both Graves Disease and hyperthyroidism. (Graves Disease being the most frequent cause for hyperthyroidism)

Symptoms can include nervousness, irritability, increased perspiration, a racing heartrate, hand tremors, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, thinning of the skin, fine brittle hair, and muscular weakness.

Wendy has experienced pressure behind her eyes and irritability along with trouble sleeping. Naturally, she may not have divulged all of her symptoms.

Some can't help but wonder if this condition played a roll in her scary collapse on live television.

Obviously, we wish Wendy Williams the best.

Chris Brown at Premiere

As inexcusable as some of Wendy's statements have been -- she's declared that she's sick of the #MeToo movement, among many other things -- there are much worse celebrities out there.

Speaking of whom ... Chris Brown has some thoughts on Wendy Williams' health condition, according to HollywoodLife's source.

"Chris feels bad Wendy is suffering an illness, but he can’t help but think bad karma is to blame for her poor health."

Of all of the people in this world to believe that a person's bad actions lead to cosmic consequences ... you'd think that Chris Brown would not be among them.

You know, because of the very famous domestic violence thing. Upon Rihanna. Upon Kerrueche Tran. And, let's face it, many believe that Chris Brown may have a long list of victims.

Yet he reportedly believes that Wendy has earned this illness flair-up by, get this, judging him.

"Chris has been the target of Wendy’s criticism and judgment many times over the years so he has a hard time feeling too bad that she will be off the air for a few weeks."

Chris Brown Sings and Sucks

"Chris is a big believer in the energy in the universe and he thinks cosmic karma may be partly to blame for Wendy’s problems."

Many people have beliefs like that. We'd imagine that most of them might mold their actions accordingly.

"Chris feels that it’s because Wendy spends so much time dissing him, and others, that she has gotten so sick."

Victim complex much?

"Chris thinks that when she recovers, Wendy will think twice before she continues to bully people on her TV show."

That's her whole brand, though.

"Chris is hoping her struggles with her health will make her a nicer person on the other side."

Wendy Williams Looks On

Honestly? The idea of Chris Brown so totally lacking moral clarity and self-awareness shouldn't surprise me, but it's kind of blowing my mind right now.

If he believes that people who say unkind things on television deserve illness, what does he think that Wendy Williams would deserve if she, to picka  random example, made a habit of beating the crap out of young women she claimed to love?

We joke, but it may be that he truly doesn't believe that he's done anything "that bad." That's a standard attitude for domestic abusers and other monsters.

Wendy Williams is not kind, but she's not a monster.

She doesn't deserve her illness. Criticism, sure. Not a chronic ailment.

And Chris Brown, who has never gotten what he deserves in his life, has no high ground against Wendy Williams or anyone else.

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