Blake Lively Has Us Wondering If Gossip Girl is Coming Back

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More like XOX... no way, right?!?

Blake Lively in Red

Blake Lively has created quite the stir online among a certain section of television viewers as a result of an Instagram photo she shared on Wednesday morning.

The picture features Lively as the passenger in a car that's just passing the Brooklyn Bridge.

She's staring out the window with a smirk on her face, eyebrows raised, hair a little out of place and just one word included as a caption:


As Gossip Girl fans know extremely well, this was the way in which the blogger at the center of that former CW smash would begin every post/voiceover.

Blake Lively on Instagram

Might Lively be implying something significant?

Might she be teasing an upcoming Gossip Girl reboot?!?

Don't scoff. Just look around your television dial for reasons to believe this could actually be the case.

NBC has found success this season with a revival of Will & Grace. ABC is about to air a new version of American Idol.

Heck, not only is Roseanne set to return with the same cast... so is Murphy Brown, a sitcom that last aired an episode in 1998.

Would it really be that much of a stretch, in this TV environment, for The CW to green light another few seasons of Gossip Girl?

Blake is Lively

The series wrapped up in 2012 after 121 installments, but it remains a favorite on Netflix and on forums across the Internet.

Even if only a handful of cast members wanted to reprise their roles, it's definitely the kind of program that could pull off a revamped series of storylines.

Just toss a bunch of wealthy attractive teenagers into the Upper East Side scene of New York City and see what happens, basically.

Lively portrayed Serena van der Woodsen on the show, the best friend of Leighton Meester's Blair and occasional lover of Penn Badgley's Dan.

She hasn't appeared in many shows or movies since Gossip Girl went off the air, but we did enjoy her role in 2016's The Shallows.

As Serena

The gorgeous star has been busy, however.

She gave birth to a pair of kids and has been raising them well alongside husband Ryan Reynolds.

But Lively recently shared a photo of her impressive weight loss, which only helps propel the possibility that Gossip Girl really is coming back.

Why shed all that weight and then show it off, after all, if she were not coming back as Serena?!?

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Blake Lively is the lovely star of The CW's Gossip Girl. Blake Lively is known for her tall, lean build and striking blonde hair. Her new... More »
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I once heard someone say that I'm similar to Paris Hilton, since I have a dog and blonde hair, that must mean we're alike.... I don't go to clubs, I don't party, I don't dance on tables, and I don't like sex tapes.

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At the end of the day, I want to go to dinner and watch a movie. I don't want to go to a club and not wear panties.

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