Tori Roloff Sends Very Important Message About Love

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Tori Roloff just borrowed a social media page from her sister-in-law.

As loyal Little People, Big World fans are likely well aware of, it's typically Audrey Roloff who uses her Instagram platform to spread messages about faith, family and relationships.

Take this new one, for example.

Roloff Wedding Day

However, Tori couldn't help but follow suit after she overhead a man say something to his wife the other day.

And she simply had to jump on her popular Instagram account in order to respond.

"So I was wandering target... as I do... when I heard a man say to his wife “well at least I’m taller than you," Tori said at the outset of her photo caption.

(The sweet photo to which this caption was written is featured above. AWWWWW, right?)

Continued the TLC star:

"And the wife responded with 'well I would hope so.'"

It was this reply that did not sit well with Tori. Not at all well.

"Some of us just have the idea of beauty and love so backwards," she wrote, adding:

"It doesn’t come from outward appearances but rather from inner beauty."

Tori, Zach and Jackson Roloff

It's very possible that the unnamed man and wife in this story were just joking around.

But that doesn't change the importance of Roloff's message, which she expounded on as follows:

I don’t love Zach because of how he looks (although he is quite handsome if I do say so myself) but rather what things weigh on his heart.

It doesn’t matter to me that I’m taller than my husband. Honestly it gives me an excuse to never wear heels. Ever.

I can’t imagine my life if I had never given my husband a chance because he was shorter than me. Love people because of their minds. Not their bodies.

For those unaware, Tori is a quote-unquote regular person, of quote-unquote regular proportions.

Zach, however, was diagnosed with a type of dwarfism at birth.

Jackson, Tori and Zach

The son to whom Tori gave birth in May is also a dwarf, but both halves of this beloved couple has made it clear that he will receive every ounce of love they have to give.

“You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” Zach told People shortly after becoming a father.

He added last spring:

"I want people to know that he’s just like his dad: being a dwarf is just part of the whole package of who he is."

Tori, meanwhile, is typically pretty quiet and/or reserved.

She isn't known for being especially outspoken.

Adorable on Thanksgiving

But that's been changing a bit of late.

A few weeks ago, for instance, she fired back at critics who think parents have somehow lost something because they now have some major responsibilities at home.

"Having a kid is honestly a gift I know i don’t deserve from God. Life isn’t over when you have a kid... it’s only just beginning!" she wrote, echoing how so many mothers how there feel.

It's so great to see Tori to proud and excited to be a mom.

And who can blame her when she has such a cutie patootie back at home?

Just check out these photos of little Jackson!

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