Kim Kardashian Taunts Mom-Shamers with Underwear Selfie!

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Kim Kardashian isn't backing down after being mom-shamed for nudity on Instagram.

Remember that Kardashian clan underwear photoshoot where Kylie was still farcically pretending that she didn't have a baby bump? Well, Kim is offering fans a behind-the-scenes look at her own body.

As you'll see in this photo below, Kim looks absolutely stunning.

In Their Calvins

Kim Kardashian is doubling down on her love of showing off her body without needless shame.

This time, she's sporting Calvin Klein underwear and flaunting her body's perfect curves.

She's offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her body for that Calvin Klein campaign of her family's.

Her caption is short and simple: "bathroom selfie on set @calvinklein #MyCalvins."

And here's the photo:

Kim Kardashian in Calvin Klein, BTS

She looks extraordinary for a woman who's just had her third child!

Okay, we joke. Kim's new baby was born via surrogate. Kim doesn't have any Chicago West weight to shed -- another perk of surrogacy!

(Though, despite her difficult childbirths, Kim is famously adept at immediately shedding her pregnancy weight and regaining her pre-baby body. She did it with Saint faster than most people would believe)

Now, these Calvin's aren't exactly what you probably picture for sexy underwear. They're ... white. They look soft to the touch.

But we think that the point behind this particular campaign (at least in part) was that this sexy underwear is wearable in your real life. Kim and her family are the ones who are showing it off as sexy.

Kim Kardashian: Topless in 2018

Sometimes, the reflex to be contrary works against us. It can lead to self-destructive behaviors.

in Kim's case, however, her defiance is a huge, triumphant middle finger to the body-shamers, mom-shamers, and avowed misogynists who simultaneously demand that she cover up while happily objectifying her exposed body. 

These haters perpetuate old, tired, patriarchal values that treat women as commodities who shouldn't be in control of how and where they display their bodies.

These are the same "values" that tell people to hate sex workers, or make people sex-shame women for promiscuity while praising men who do the same as "studs." These are the same pernicious cultural elements that condemn selfies as "narcissistic."

Kim has zero chill about shutting down that kind of talk. She's stated that she'll go on taking nude selfies until she dies.

Kim Kardashian Is Nude on Instagram

As part of her personal campaign Kim Kardashian has posed for multiple photos of herself in bed.

Whether she censors herself with her hands or digitally, she looks astonishingly beautiful and yet Instagram appropriate.

In photos that are presumed to have been taken by Kanye, Kim lounges topless in a thong or under sheets.

No one person can destroy harmful patriarchal values, but Kim's cultural impact is significant. Like it or not, the Kardashians are a huge part of why butts -- the larger the better -- are now openly appreciated in American culture.

So we'd say that Kim is at least making a dent.

Kim Kardashian Topless, in a Thong, in Bed

By continuing to bombard the internet with nudes and underwear selfies, Kim is also showing how multifaceted people can be.

She's a mom. She's a reality star. She's a businesswoman. She's a wife. She's a mother of three. And yeah, she has a rocking bod and is happy to show it.

It's possible that Kim sometimes gives herself more credit than is warranted, but we're pretty sure that other people don't give her enough credit for what she's accomplished.

The Kardashians are a media and fashion empire, and Kim has been the face of them from the start.

Though Kylie may one day usurp her place.

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