Nicole Eggert Accuses Scott Baio of Sexual Assault

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Nicole Eggert has leveled a serious allegation against Scott Baio.

The former Baywatch actress, who appeared for years opposite Baio on the sitcom Charles in Charles, wrote on Twitter yesterday that the actor molested her back when she was a teenager,

Nicole Eggert

Commenting on a Tweet that referred to Baio as a staunch Donald Trump supporter, Eggert penned the following on Saturday afternoon:

"Ask [Scott Baio] what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor. Creep.”

It obviously doesn't lend credence to her accusation necessarily, but she had recently linked to Halsey's viral speech at the Women's March from last weekend and also Tweeted:

"Always stand in ur truth it gives u strength."

In a series of Tweets, she went on to detail how Baio digitally penetrated her, starting at the age of 14.

In a subsequent response to Twitter followers, Eggert said she was a “molested child” who “covered up” the alleged abuse for years, writing that she was “14, 15, 16 and 17” when these incidents occurred.

eggert tweet

How did Baio fight back?

Initially by referring to Eggert's claims as "100% lies" and then by sharing a 16-minute video on Facebook.

“I remember her calling me and asking me to come over and coming in my house one time, and seducing me,” Baio says into the camera at one point in this video, adding:

“[For] any normal heterosexual, red-blooded American guy, the outcome would have been the same."

Baio says this intercourse was consensual and that Eggert was of legal age at the time.


He also played an audio recording of an interview Eggert gave to, in which she described losing her virginity to Baio “way after” "Charles in Charge" was done.

“It was years later,” Eggert can be heard saying.

Eggert previous accused Baio of sexually abusing her as a minor in 2012.

“I kept my mouth shut, because usually when false claims in the past have been made about me they just go away,” Baio said late Saturday.

"But for some reason she will not let this one go away."

He proceeds to basically challenge Eggert to "go to the police" if she really has a case, as opposed to airing dirty (in his mind, bitter) laundry on social media.

Scott Baio in Glasses

Baio, who has made headlines of late for his support of President Trump, said the Eggert’s accusations undermine real victims with “legitimate claims.”

In his view:

“The problem with almost all he said-she said cases is they’re he said-she said. Now, go prove it or disprove it,” he says toward the end of his reply.

"The real problem with this is people with legitimate claims aren’t taken seriously - and that’s too bad.”

on charles in charge

Nicole Eggert and Scott Baio on Charles in Charge.

Eggert and Baio costarred on the aforementioned sitcom from 1984 to 1990.

On the series, Baio portrayed college student Charles, who looked after a group of children including Eggert’s character, Jamie.

We'll update this story as more news breaks.

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