Tyler Baltierra Refutes Catelynn Lowell Cheating Rumor. HARD.

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Tyler Baltierra would like your attention.

Does he have it?

Because the Teen Mom OG star has something he would like to say.

Tyler and Catelynn Pic

And that something is, to make a long story short:

He is not, in any way, shape or form, a cheater.

The husband of Catelynn Lowell was forced to come to his own defense on Saturday after being alerted to a certain blind item.

The website Crazy Days And Nights hinted that a cast member on the MTV franchise has been stepping out on his partner.

It also implied that this guy's behavior could drive the partner over the edge mentally, which readers took to mean Tyler and Catelynn.

The item was shared a day earlier and read as follows:

blind item

This Teen Mom star has been cheating on his significant other for almost a year.

Eventually, when she starts having a clear head she is going to catch on and that could finally push her over the edge to suicide.

Because Lowell has been checking herself in and out of rehab over the past couple months due to a bit of mental instability, it was rather easy for readers to connect these dots.

This post is clearly implying that Tyler has been disloyal to Catelynn.

“Is this a joke or?!??! It’s kinda hard to tell these days," Tyler initially Tweeted in response.

tb tweet

However, after other fans told Baltierra that the same website lobbed the same allegation his way last August, Tyler shot back far more forcefully.

“Okay, so yes, I should just ignore this & yes, since I know it’s not true I shouldn’t be paying attention to it," he Tweeted, adding:

"BUT I’m a very stubborn individual & have always got a thrill from seeking out justice & facts. SO, Mr. @entylawyer here I am calling you out!

"Let’s see evidence."

“Enty Lawyer” actually replied pretty quickly to this challenge, writing online:

blind item 2

“I haven’t revealed anything about you in quite some time. You seem defensive though. Anything you care to share?”

This account also looped in Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran, Baltierra and Lowell’s Teen Mom costars.

Shot back Tyler, quoting the website's earlier blind item from last summer:

"So what is this then? A 'blind item' revealed?"

"Are you saying your sources are Farrah & Simon? Good lord help us all! It's sounding more & more crazy, the more you talk."

"So please keep going...indulge me."

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Snuggles

The 26-year old added that he had nothing to fear...

... and wasn't going to let his good name be sullied.

"A panicked person would keep their mouth shut & hope this all slides under the radar.

"Not me, I'm marching in & calling it all out! Because I have NOTHING to hide nor worry about."

Baltierra has been trying to keep busy while his wife remains in treatment, posting footage on Snapchat this morning that featured him renovating the couple’s home, including putting in a luxurious master suite.

Simon Saran tweets

Despite rumors to the contrary, he insists he is not leaving Catelynn.

And it looks like Simon Saran is intent on helping Tyler keep busy, considering the trash he's talking on social media.

Tyler wrote to his nemesis today:

"Are you for real with all that!? Coming from the dude that sleeps with Farrah & actually allowed that info to be filmed & aired for the world to see!?" 

"God you really have lost your touch with your insults. I’m gonna need a little more from you Simon. Try again."

Simon's reply?

"Much rather sleep with her than what you have to sleep with. Trust me."

Why do we have a feeling we have not heard the last from these two?

And why does that make us almost scared to see what's next?

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