Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert: Back Together For Real?!

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It's been over two years since Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer and her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, got divorced.

The split was an ugly one, and the two have clashed more than a few times since calling it quits - on and off camera.

Yet even as they've dated other people (Jeremy was even engaged to Brooke Wehr), rumors of reconciliation persisted.

Leah and Jeremy may have divorced, and obviously had a great many issues, but never fully moved on from one another. 

And now, there's even more reason to believe the parents of 4-year-old Adalynn are still harboring romantic feelings for one another.

Check out some of the social media interactions and other clues that have Teen Mom 2 fans thinking there's a reunion on the horizon!

1. A Messy Split

A Messy Split
Leah and Jeremy went their separate ways in 2015. It was Leah's second divorce, and it certainly wasn't a civil one.

2. Parenting Problems

Parenting Problems
The two welcomed daughter Adalynn in 2013, and disagreements about parenting have fueled many of their conflicts.

3. A Dark Time

A Dark Time
Around the time of their split, Leah allegedly developed an addiction to prescription painkillers. She later checked into a rehab facility to be treated for her condition.

4. Kidding Around

Kidding Around
It was around this time that rumors of Messer cheating on Calvert with ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd began to circulate on social media.

5. On to the Next One

On to the Next One
In November of 2014, Jeremy declared that he was "done" with Leah and began flirting with models on Instagram.

6. A Public Separation

A Public Separation
Between Teen Mom 2 and social media, Jeremy and Leah's separation played out in the public eye. Now, it looks as though they're being just as open about their reconciliation.

7. Reunion Romance

Reunion Romance
During the latest Teen Mom 2 reunion show, Dr. Drew Pinsky asked Calvert point-blank if he and Leah are still together. Calvert dodged the question, and Leah couldn't stop herself from grinning.

8. A Long Distance Relationship?

A Long Distance Relationship?
Calvert travels frequently for work, but his remarks on the reunion show and his recent comments on Leah's Instagram have prompted rumors that the exes are hooking up again.

9. A Messer Christmas

A Messer Christmas
Leah recently attended a holiday performance at her daughters' school. Jeremy's comments on the pic she posted have fans talking reconciliation.

10. Posing for the 'Gram

Posing for the 'Gram
"Why is my child always trying to pose for every pic?" Calvert wrote. "Who's teaching her this?"

11. A Flirty Exchange?

A Flirty Exchange?
"Come on now! You know where she's getting it," Leah shot back. "We all know who's the one that's full of himself."

12. A Rekindled Romance?

A Rekindled Romance?
Joking, flirty exchanges like that one are not uncommon on Leah and Jeremy's social media pages these days. So could they actually be getting back together?

13. Is Leah Even Available?

Is Leah Even Available?
Leah dated T.R. Dues following her divorce from Jeremy. After that, it was rumored that she was hooking up with Brian Gravely, but Leah maintains that she and Gravely are just friends.

14. What About Jeremy?

What About Jeremy?
Calvert's been busy since parting ways with Messer, entering relationships with Brittany Musick, Brooke Wehr, and Kristen Blake.

15. A Second Marriage?

A Second Marriage?
At one point, Calvert and Wehr were reportedly engaged, but these days, they appear to have gone their separate ways.

16. Is Leah Expecting?

Is Leah Expecting?
Last month, it was rumored that Leah was pregnant with a fourth child. Now, fans are speculating that the kid could be Jeremy's.

17. Keeping Fans In Suspense?

Keeping Fans In Suspense?
Leah has yet to confirm that she's expecting, which leads us to believe her fans may have jumped the gun a bit on that one.

18. What's REALLY Going On?

What's REALLY Going On?
In all likelihood, Leah is not knocked up with Jeremy's baby. But based on their social media exchanges, we'd say one thing is certain...

19. These Two Just Can't Quit Each Other

These Two Just Can't Quit Each Other
Whether they're dating, casually hooking up, or just innocently flirting, it seems that Leah and Jeremy will always be more than just friends and co-parents.

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