Brian Gravely: Dating Leah Messer?!

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Has Leah Messer found a special new man in her life?

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you're well aware that the twice-married mother of three has had a long, turbulent romantic history.

One that's continuing with this handsome dude?

Brian Gravely

"I just love his face!" Leah captioned this image.

Indeed, it's a nice face. One worthy of a heart-eyed and kissing emoji, which she also added along with a tag of the mystery man's name.

Brian Gravely, according to his Instagram account, owns Famous Superstars, a South Carolina-based tumbling and cheerleading school. 

Given her daughters' interest in those activities, it would make sense that Leah Messer might have made his acquaintance somehow.

And while she clearly loves him ... it's not like that.

Leah took to Twitter to set the record straight about Brian ... who had better not be her mystery man, as far as his spouse is concerned!

Leah's Latest Tweet

Yes, Brian is already married, and hopefully his husband got a kick out of this as much as the oft-maligned MTV reality star did.

Despite being linked to Scotty Ayre this spring, Leah has largely been taking time off from dating to focus on herself and her daughters.

That sigh of relief is from all of Teen Mom Nation.

The last confirmed romance Messer was in was with T.R. Dues, a personal trainer she met following her divorce from Jeremy Calvert.

That union lasted a decently long time, though he was reluctant to appear on her social media accounts, let alone be filmed for MTV.

They were rumored to be living together and his two kids were “considered to be a part of Leah’s family,” though things fizzled eventually.

T. R. Dues

The combination of her divorce from Calvert and her custody battle with her first ex-husband, Corey Simms, both led to serious strain.

"She wants to look like a stable single mom to the judge in order for her to get her girls back,” a source close to her said at the time. 

T.R. Dues may have paid the price for that, as “Leah knows that it doesn’t look good for her to have a new man in the house already." 

Jeremy allegedly had some strong opinions about this setup as well, especially since he shares his only daughter, Adalynn, with Leah.

Says another family source:

“When mutual friends told Jeremy about this new guy, he called Leah and flipped out for letting a stranger hang around Addie."

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Together?

Leah initially denied the relationship with Dues, saying that it wasn't official, only to confess later that something’s going on,” an insider said.

As we said, Messer and Dues parted ways before it became a thing - a thing that impacted her custody situation with either ex, anyway.

Speaking of Calvert, his own dalliances with Messer after their divorce may have resulted in the end of his subsequent engagement. 

In a sneak peek for Teen Mom 2 (the new season of which begins tonight on MTV), we learned that Brooke Wehr read his phone records.

He explains to Leah on FaceTime that after this occurred, he "came home to all my sh-t just being everywhere" 'cause Brooke "lost her sh-t."

Gonna be a crazy season.

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