Leah Messer: Did She Just Admit to Using Meth?!

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If you're a fan of Teen Mom 2, then you're probably familiar with Leah Messer's troubled past.

Leah has struggled with addiction and mental health issues over the years, and there was a time when her difficulties were so severe many viewers reported that they had difficulty watching the show.

Leah on Teen Mom 2 Photo

When Leah lost custody of her daughters, it seems she hit a personal rock bottom and found the motivation to turn her life around.

These days, she's a bonafide success story, and fans say they've found inspiration in her courageous comeback.

So it came as quite a shock to many when Leah joked about using methamphetamines in a recent social media post.

In a now-deleted retweet, Leah replied "yes" to a meme that began: 

“Here’s a list of date ideas because you pulling up to ‘chill’ isn’t a date.”

Fans immediately took issue with the post, noting that either Leah didn't read the list in its entirety, or she has a rather dark sense of humor.

Leah Messer Possible Baby Bump

The list started off innocently enough, with suggestions such as “mini golf” and “a walk in the park.”

Things quickly took a turn, however, with joking recommendations like  “shooting up a school,” “double suicide,” “running over people,” “killing infants,” “beating up strangers,” and “robbing the elderly.”

Obviously, it's pretty over-the-top stuff, but surprisingly, that's not the portion of the list that caught fans' attention.

No, most who commented on Leah's tweet focused on the part that read, “Overdosing on meth.”

When several of her followers brought that particular item to Leah's attention, she took swift action.

“Omgosh some of those are really bad oh my," she tweeted before deleting the meme.

This appears to be nothing more than an instance in which Leah posted something on social media without reading it in its entirety.

Leah Messer at Daughters' School

But for many of her fans, it brought up some painful memories.

Leah checked into rehab back in 2015 and has reportedly been sober ever since.

While her period of her hard drug use was brief, it was also painfully intense.

For many viewers, the image of Leah falling asleep while holding a baby is an indelible one that serves as a constant reminder of the severity of the opioid crisis in America. 

At the time, Leah was a living symbol of the horrors of hard drug use.

Fortunately, these days she's simply a reminder of the dangers of posting something you haven't read.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Leah's road back from addiction.

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