Leah Messer Faces New Criticism: Is She Back on Drugs?!

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At this point, it's probably safe to say that for the rest of her whole entire life, Leah Messer will be criticized for her parenting choices.

Seriously, girl could donate a kidney to one of her children and people would still find an issue.

"There's probably drugs in there," some would say, or "she's just doing it to make herself look good for MTV."

Leah Messer in the Car

It's sad.

And what's even sadder is that right now, Leah is facing a boatload of criticism -- several boatloads, actually -- for what Teen Mom 2 fans believe are wrongdoings.

There's a lot to get into here, so let's break down Leah's latest sins, one by one.

The first one is that Leah is in L.A. right now, doing some filming for some Teen Mom 2 specials. She left her three little girls at home, and apparently that was wrong of her.

"Leaving your kids behind super mom," one of her followers commented sarcastically.

Leah Messer ar Great Wolf Lodge

How ridiculous is that? Because Leah is a mother, she's never, ever allowed to leave her children? Is that how this works?

Fortunately, several of Leah's followers stood up for her on this point, but unfortunately, this next point is even worse.

You know how Leah has been looking a bit thinner than usual lately? According to these strangers on the internet, her weight loss could actually be because of drugs.

She went to rehab in 2015 for what she said were mental health issues, but for what everyone else claimed were drug issues. And some people think those issues might be making a comeback.

"I sincerely hope you're off the pills," one person told her. "Your children need you, and the last few months you've looked dangerously thin."

Leah Messer Spray Tan Pic

"Take care of yourself, so you can be a role model for your girls."

One person wrote that Leah "looks buzzed" in recent photos, while another stated that "Leah comes from dysfunction she can only do what she was taught."

"I have noticed some signs of possible medication use. It could be prescribed," another person pointed out.

"Please take a look at yourself," yet another commenter said. "Be realistic. In the beginning of the season you looked like you were on something, you still look like you're on something."

"The reality is you look like you're on drugs or something worse!!!"

Leah in an Interview

It's all very dramatic, right? Not to mention dumb.

Leah has always been thin. She was thin before she got pregnant at 16, she was thin again about two seconds after giving birth to twins.

If she's thinner now, perhaps it's from the stress of being a single mother to three young children, one with a debilitating disease.

But -- and this is the third issue -- some people are also saying that Leah's sister, Victoria, is struggling with an addiction of her own these days.

So basically everything is a mess.

Leah Messer Calls Herself a Hot Mess

As one of her faithful commenters wrote, "Looks like your sister is on drugs now! She seems so out of it when filming."

"Her sister is the one on pills now," another claimed. "She looks and acts just like Leah did last season. And she's a new mom. I sincerely hope Leah gets her some help."

Apparently if Victoria really is on drugs, it's Leah's fault -- another of her followers told her "Not to be rude but you need to get your sister Victoria some help."

"Any idiot can see she's high in every episode so far and she looks terrible. You battled an issue and seem to be doing great. She just had a baby and it doesn't deserve to have a brand new mom high on pills! Help her!"

So to recap, Leah is a bad person for leaving her kids for a few days while she goes on a business trip, for being back on drugs, and for not helping her sister with her own drug addiction.

She sure does lead a busy life, huh?

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