Leah Messer: Fighting For Custody of Twins AGAIN?!

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Back in October of 2015, Leah Messer lost custody of her twins, following an ugly legal battle with ex-husband Corey Simms and his new wife, Miranda Simms.

The Simms brought a number of complaints before the judge, the most damning of which was that Leah was unable to get her daughters to school on time.

Eventually, Leah and Corey agreed to split custody, and in the months since, the girls have divided their time between their parents' homes.

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After some rough patches, Leah has re-established herself as a caring and competent parent, which has led to rumors that she'll soon return to court, this time seeking full custody.

Leah addressed those reports in a recent interview with Radar Online.

“Absolutely not,” she told the site when asked if she plans to try and alter her agreement with Simms.

“I think the way that it is right now is great. It works for both of the kids and us.”

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“We actually co-parent great,” she said of Corey and Miranda.

“We get along good. We’re in a very good place.”

And it seems that goodwill doesn't stop with Leah's first husband.

Asked about her second baby daddy, Jeremy Calvert, Leah wasn't quite as effusive, but still had only positive things to say:

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Leah claimed that she and Calvert co-parent "pretty well," though that could easily be a result of the fact that Calvert often has to travel for work, thus leaving Leah with primary custody rights to their daughter.

Naturally, Leah was asked about Jeremy's engagement to Brooke Wehr, and though she's been critical of the relationship in the past, Ms. Messer offered tentative congrats this time around:

“If they’re happy then I’m happy for them," Leah said.

In a classic dodge to avoid follow-up questions, she then added:

“Honestly, I’m just focusing on myself and the girls. That’s the only thing I’m working on.”

She also reiterated that she's single these days, and is not in the market for a new man.

Sounds like Leah may have really turned over a new leaf.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Leah's very bumpy road to this point.

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