Kim Kardashian Poses Topless in Thong, Talks Grinding

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2018 is here and about a third of the country risks freezing to death if they go out to check the mail, but there's a light on the horizon.

No, sorry, that's a camera flash in Kim Kardashian's bedroom.

Kim Kardashian, Blonde and Impatient

Kim's topless. In bed. Wearing nothing but a white thong.

And ... what's this about grinding? Is that still a thing?!

This steamy new photo, which you can see below, comes right on the back of Kim Kardashian facing off against mom-shamers.

Then her son Saint was hospitalized with pneumonia.

That's scary at any time, but especially for someone as young as Saint. Two-year-olds don't tend to have the most robust immune systems, folks.

Kim and Kanye stayed by his side through that scary event, but that didn't stop haters from trying to come for her.

Kim Kardashian: Who Needs a Bra?

Mom-shamers tried (and failed spectacularly) to take Kim to task.

See, some people tried to believe that Kim was just out partying and neglecting her young child while young Saint was sick.

Kim heard about the rumor and shut it down, sharing that she remained by Saint's side nonstop during his health crisis.

Because of course she did. She can be vicious and petty while feuding with Taylor Swift, but Kim Kardashian is a great mom.

Also, New Year's Eve was Sunday, folks. Don't mix up your timelines.

Anyway, Kim posted this gorgeous photo, early Friday morning:

Kim Kardashian Topless, in a Thong, in Bed

She looks absolutely gorgeous.

She's covering up her nipples with her hands - though that only covers part of her breasts, so she's flaunting plenty of underboob.

Wearing the white thong and posed the way that she is, she almost looks like she's not wearing underwear until you glimpse the white of the thong above her waist.

Her famous Kardashian butt stands out and proud, capturing the viewer's attention.

And her caption for the photo was ... curious.

Kimye Family Photograph

Kim Kardashian tweeted out the image (presumably taken by Kanye), writing:

"Rise & Grind."

While that sounds like the self-explanatory title of a porn video ...

In case we need to spell it out, a lot of couples who wake up in bed together grind against each other; it's basically sexy instinct at work.

Also "rise" ... you guys know how penises work, right? If not, you don't need to be looking at photos of Kim basically naked.

... We think that it's Kim's version of a wake-up photo.

Much as we'd all like to envision ourselves waking up in such a sexy situation, there's also another common use of the word.

Rather than "grind" in the sexy sense, the 37-year-old star could be combining "rise and shine" with "back to the grind."

In any case, it's an undeniably sexy look.

Whether Kim's your type or not, you can still admire living art - and a welcome end to the first week of 2018.

Of course, leave it to the trollish mommy-shamers who tried to go after her again, with inane comments like:

"What if North sees this?"

One, North West turns 5 this year. You're not supposed to be on Twitter until you're 13, and most parents can delay it a bit longer than that.

Kim Kardashian Promotes KKW

Twitter might be fine with Nazis and erratic political leaders having their run of the platform, but they draw the line at little kids.

Two, hopefully Kim and Kanye are raising North to be someone who isn't scandalized by photographs of ... gasp! ... a human woman.

Finally ... if North's going to be scandalized by images of Kim, it's probably going to be from the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Not of a snapshot image taken of Kim in bed one morning by her own husband. Come on, people.

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