21 Grinding GIFs You Can Never Unsee

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Get ready to gag ... or get really turned on if getting dry humped in public appeals to you, or if you're just really sexually frustrated.

Because grinding is just the worst, is it not?!

1. Are We in Line For Something?

Are We in Line For Something?
Seriously, is this supposed to be suggestive or are they just in line for more beer, it's hard to tell.

2. So Awkward

So Awkward
Trying to look cool or like you know what you're doing but failing miserably? We've all been there.

3. You Just Stand There, I'll Do the Work

You Just Stand There, I'll Do the Work
What guys wish "dancing" would be like at every wedding they go to.

4. Three's a Crowd

Three's a Crowd
These hornballs don't seem to mind, however.

5. Going Solo

Going Solo
You know what they say ... practice on your own and then you'll be an experienced, well-oiled machine the second Kylie Jenner turns 18.

6. This is Not a Dance Move.

This is Not a Dance Move.
This is actually f--king with clothes on.

7. Enhanced Interrogation

Enhanced Interrogation
Is this masked man a suspect in some conspiracy that the powers that be are trying to extract information from? If so, not a bad strategy right here. If not, we have no clue what the s--t is going on.

8. Hillary Clinton Edition

Hillary Clinton Edition
Our first grinding president, to be inaugurated January 2017. History in the making.

9. Slow and Steady

Slow and Steady
Okay, we can understand if maybe you got ever so slightly turned on by this one.

10. Or This One

Or This One
Avert your eyes, Healey.

11. That's Just Mean

That's Just Mean
Seriously, grinding a nice girl off the stage when she came up to selflessly humiliate herself for the benefit of you and your audience? That's just wrong.

12. No

We don't know how one grinds correctly, really ... but we can tell you this is not it.

13. A Study in Contrast

A Study in Contrast
Everyone has their own technique.

14. I'm So Uncomfortable Right Now

I'm So Uncomfortable Right Now
Sammi's face suggests she would rather be anywhere else ... we think. She could just be playing hard to get, albeit with another human's buns literally pressed up against her chest and abdomen.

15. Goin' at it Like Rabbits

Goin' at it Like Rabbits
Those people on Jersey Shore certainly knew a thing or two about that.

16. When You Wanna Get Some But Your Girl Be Like ...

When You Wanna Get Some But Your Girl Be Like ...
Try as you might, smooth, you are not.

17. Grinding? Twerking? Worse?

Grinding? Twerking? Worse?
Is this even grinding? Or Twerking? Or have we progressed to the point of simulating sex on live TV at this point? Call it what you want, the gross-out moment to rule them all at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards is one that will live in infamy - and one you can never unsee.

18. Like We Were Just Saying

Like We Were Just Saying
Nicki Minaj puts on a show for Lil Wayne (and viewers at home) that leaves little to the imagination, yet is fully clothed. That's a tough feat.


Look at this dude's face. Enough said.

20. This is Just Traumatizing

This is Just Traumatizing
Sorry for the nightmares this evening.

21. I Like to Moob it Moob it

I Like to Moob it Moob it
Sorry a second time.

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