Kim Kardashian Shares "Nude" Pic, Reignites Taylor Swift Feud

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It is SO back on between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

It's just not exactly clear why.

Well over a year since Kardashian first hurled major shade at Swift by exposing her as a liar, the reality star has seemingly reignited everyone's favorite Hollywood feud.

How so?

By sharing a certain throwback photo on Instagram.

Scroll down and all around to see what Kardashian shared; to see how folks are reacting; and to relive the highlights of this much-publicized rivalry...

1. Remember This?

Remember This?
On December 4, 2017 Kardashian shared this Instagram photo of her snapping a picture at the 2016 "Famous" exhibit that featured the wax figures of her nude husban... and a naked Taylor Swift.

2. Caption THIS!

Caption THIS!
"Famous," Kim wrote as a caption, although most followers instantly interpreted it as a shot at Swift, labeling Kim a rat and Taylor a snake... and going back and forth on whose side they are on.

3. So... Many... Rats

So... Many... Rats
As you can see, no one on Instagram thought this was just a harmless throwback photo. It's just unclear why Kim wanted to stick it to Taylor again.

4. Now We Revenge!

Now We Revenge!
Down with the rat, right, folks?!?

5. How Did This All Begin?

How Did This All Begin?
In July of 2016, Kardashian released a recording of Swift giving Kanye West permission to rap about her in his track, "Famous." Swift had previously acted all pissed off about West's references to her in the song, leading many to believe Taylor was nothing but a phony and a liar.

6. A Swift Response

A Swift Response
Swift said the leaked recording did NOT feature her giving Kanye permission to slam her as a "bitch," adding, famously, that she wanted to be excluded from all Kimye-related narratives.

7. She's a Snake, People!

She's a Snake, People!
Kardashian proceeded to use a snake emoji during this feud, passive aggressively labeling Swift as such an animal and strongly implying that the singer was not as innocent as she seemed.

8. I'll Show You a Snake!

I'll Show You a Snake!
So, how did Swift turn this around? She teased her latest album, "Reputation," with numerous snake symbols and videos, as you can see here.

9. Ready... Aim... Shots Fired?

Ready... Aim... Shots Fired?
Swift's first song off this album, "Look What You Made Me Do," was largely considered a clap back at Kim, Kanye and other haters.

10. We Mean, Clearly It WAS a Clap Back

We Mean, Clearly It WAS a Clap Back
Just consider this excerpt from the track.

11. So... Why Attack Taylor Again?

So... Why Attack Taylor Again?
We can't say. Maybe because her album has been number-one for three straight weeks and Kardashian wants to knock her down a bit?

12. Or... Because Swift is About to Go on Tour?

Or... Because Swift is About to Go on Tour?
And Kim doesn't want it to be a success?

13. Only Kim Knows

Only Kim Knows
But we know this much: 2017 has been terrible. It would be a terrific start to 2018 if these two really did ignite their feud once more.... with feeling!

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