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You would think a family that’s famous for breeding like fundamentalist rabbits would know an awful lot about child-rearing.

But according to the Duggars’ harshest critics, that’s simply not the case.

In fact, the army of mommy-shamers who comb through the Duggars’ social media posts in search of reasons to complain is so quick to judge that their latest target isn’t even a mom yet:

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As you may have heard, Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

There’s some debate over when Joy got pregnant, with some fans insisting that the 20-year-old is lying about her conception date in order to conceal the fact that she broke her family’s "courtship rules" by engaging in premarital sex.

But that’s a discussion for another time.

Whatever the case, Joy-Anna is likely due to give birth sometime in the next few weeks.

And based on her latest social media post, some fans believe she’s far from ready.

The above video was posted to Joy’s Instagram page yesterday.

It offers fans a brief tour of the home that she and husband Austin Forsyth are renovating.

The reaction from fans has been decidedly mixed, as many apparently believe the house is unsuitable for a child.

"This place is such a mess," one follower commented.

"If I were going to film it and put it on Instagram, I’d clean it up first," she added.

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Another critic zeroed in on Joy’s kitchen, commenting:

"It’s so tiny! You can’t cook a meal for a family in that kitchen!"

"OMG that house is nowhere near safe for a baby," remarked a third fan.

"The nursery looks like a storage room and the renovation crap is piled high in the living room."

It’s strange that so many felt the need to point out to Joy that her house is not yet baby-ready, considering her comments in the video make it clear that she’s well aware of that fact.

"We are still doing some little things here and there," Joy acknowledges at one point.

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"The baby’s room is still getting ready," she adds.

Joy isn’t on social media as much as some of her siblings, and the comments on her latest post probably reminded her of exactly why she keeps her distance.

Of course, the lack of posts has only led to more rumors about Joy-Anna’s "shotgun wedding," which may be why she took a moment to debunk the rumors that she’s already given birth:

"I’m still very pregnant," she says at one point, pausing in front of a mirror in order to offer visual evidence.

Smart move, Joy, but as you’ve likely figured out by now, people will always find something to complain about.

Watch Counting On online to relive Joy and Austin’s road to the altar.