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Ever since Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that she’s pregnant with her first child, there’s been speculation about when exactly she conceived.

Which, of course, is only a big deal because of her last name.

Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy Photo
Photo via Instagram

The announcement came just three months after Joy-Anna married Austin Forsyth in a ceremony initially scheduled to take place  months later.

It was enough to spark fan rumors about "Joy-Anna’s shotgun wedding," which the couple would do nothing to dispel in the weeks ahead.

Announcing the teenager’s pregnancy with the pronounced baby bump-embracing image above 12 weeks after they exchanged vows?

Let’s just say that sent the rumor mill into overdrive.

The Duggars famously forbid just about any form of pre-marital physical contact, even full-frontal, chest to chest hugging action. 

News that Joy-Anna got pregnant out of wedlock would be nothing short of devastating to their carefully crafted public image.

Austin and Joy Forsyth
Photo via Instagram

Earlier this week, Joy-Anna posted a politically charged Instagram post in which she railed against abortion – a common family occurrence.

She also offered fans the latest on her pregnancy, possibly to quell doubts about her due date. This only fanned the flames, however.

"Can’t wait to meet our baby!! I got to feel it kick for the first time a few days ago!!!" Joy-Anna wrote, adding:.

"Soooooo amazing!!! It’s already about the size of a bell pepper and weighs around half a pound!!!"

Her fans took to the comments section immediately.

More than a few pointed out that the conditions Joy-Anna is describing typically occur several weeks further along in one’s pregnancy.

Joy-Anna Duggar Baby Bump Update
Photo via Instagram

Now, a doctor (who, it should be noted, has not treated Joy-Anna personally) has confirmed as much to Radar Online.

Based on her photos and descriptions, it certainly seems like Joy-Anna got pregnant much earlier than she claims.

"She looks about 24-26 weeks pregnant,” Dr. Sean Henry tells the site. “People start feeling fetal movement between 19-21 weeks."

"She looks bigger than 20 weeks.”

Henry, of course, is not the first doctor to confirm (term used loosely, we admit) what so many fans already suspected.

When Joy-Anna announced she was expecting and claimed to be three months along, Dr. Stuart Fischer said she was “4-5 months pregnant.”

Joy-Anna Duggar Baby Bump
Photo via Instagram

The news comes as no surprise to the many fans who have already theorized that Joy-Anna is being less than truthful about her conception.

“She looks dang close to delivery,” one fan said of the photo.

“There is something amiss about her date of conception.”

Dang close to delivery? Clearly this person has never seen a pregnant woman before, but her bump does look bigger than you’d think.

And, as we’ve sad ad nauseam, the notion that Joy-Anna is trying to fool fans with old pics and false information has gained real traction.

“Sex before marriage is forbidden by God but you certainly had no problem with that now did you? #Hypocrites," wrote another fan.

Joy-Anna Duggar Hides Baby Bump
Photo via TLC

Whether or not Joy was trying to conceal a small bump during recent episodes of Counting On (above) remains anyone’s guess.

What we can say is that well before announcing the pregnancy, they were suspected of – and later admitted – breaking courtship rules.

Obviously, if they did have sex, they have not copped to it, but even acknowledging that they exceeded boundaries at all is unusual.

It was widely assumed that they held hands for more than a few seconds or spent unsupervised time alone (both of which are forbidden).

Now, it looks as though the Duggars may have another scandal on their hands thanks to what would normally be their bread and butter:

Joy-Anna getting pregnant with the first of what will surely be many, many Baby Forsyths and keeping the TLC money flowing in.