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It’s been almost a month since we first learned that Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child, and the beloved 24-year-old is clearly enjoying sharing her excitement with fans.

While her sister Joy-Anna continues to keep a low-profile, Jinger has already shared her due date and posted a pic in which her long-awaited baby bump can clearly be seen.

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Not surprisingly, it seems Jeremy Vuolo is every bit as psyched as his wife is about the idea of starting a family.

Vuolo sat down for a rare interview over the weekend, and he candidly shared his thoughts about becoming a father.

“Well, I have a family on the way here,” Jeremy said.

“My wife is pregnant and due in July with our first.:

"But I think it begins with establishing that relationship with your wife and I think just walking through the word together."

Jeremy went on to hold court about his religious beliefs in a way that’s very much in keeping with the Duggar brand:

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He told the hosts:

"If you’re abiding in Christ and walking with Christ daily, I think it can look like sharing that and opening the lines of communication about your own walk with Christ."

"Where are you wrestling right now?"

"How is scripture helping you? Just opening that communication and fellow shipping with your spouse and that’s gonna translate to your children.”

He concluded by sharing some thoughts on what he sees as the relationship between his religious beliefs and his duties as a husband and father:

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“If you’re not spending the time in the work yourself, if you’re not disciplining yourself to walk with Christ in your devotional time," he said.

"Then how do you expect to really pour into [your] family?”

Now, that may all seem perfectly innocent and perfectly in line with the Duggars’ message but there’s reason to believe that Jim Bob was less than thrilled about Jeremy’s latest interview.

You see, the podcast that Vuolo appeared on is called Calvinist Batman & Friends.

That may seem like an innocently dorky title, but it might have been enough to have JB buttoning up his angriest flannel and preparing for a very soft-spoken confrontation.

Much to his father-in-law’s chagrin, Jeremy is a Calvinist.

Jim Bob is decidedly not, and actually finds the belief system to be heretical.

Not surprisingly, this clash of beliefs has led to growing tension between Jim Bob and Jeremy.

But don’t worry, we’re sure it’ll all be resolved when the baby is born and Jeremy and Jinger raise it in such a way as to condemn its mortal soul to the fires of hell in Jim Bob’s eyes.