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Dane Cook has found an effective way to distract folks from the fact that he’s incredibly unfunny:

Date someone not legally old enough to drink alcohol and tell the entire world about it!

Dane Cook, Girlfriend

The lame comedian is in a relationship with Kelsi Taylor, a 19-year old singer who is less than half his age.

Cook, who is 45 years old, is not breaking any laws by banging the teenager, but he isn’t coming across like a model human being, either.

On Friday, beneath a picture that says “Be a warrior, not a worrier,” the stand-up veteran wrote the following caption:

“The next few months are work hard/play hard ones. I’m grateful to my friends and fans who continue to support my artistic endeavors.

"I can’t get to where I’m going without this foundation of support …. My gf @itskelsitaylor who quite simply is a gift. #bestlaughs.”

Prior to this posting, Cook shared a selfie of the pair (above) and captioned it: “#relationshipgoals.”

Dane Cook Points

Now, look…

Is it every 45-year old’s goal to date a 19-year old hottie?

Probably. It’s at least every 45-year old’s fantasy, we’re guessing.

But most middle-aged men realize how sort of gross and shady this would be in practice, no matter how appealing it may seem in theory.

Just consider: Cook guest-starred on the sitcom Suddenly Susan in 1998, while Taylor had not even been born at that time.

Moreover, one look through the Instagram accounts of each star reveals that they started dating back when Taylor was 18 years old.

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There’s a snapshot of Cook helping the artist celebrate her 19th birthday on Taylor’s social media page, along with glimpes of the couple together on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It does actually seem like a serious relationship, for whatever that is worth.

Back in April, Cook shared his first picture of the musician and praised her for her talents, writing:

“My girl @itskelsitaylor is one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s a talented singer but more importantly she’s a genuine person. Check out her music and get to know her. She’s gonna go far!” 

Cook, Dane

Taylor has appeared in a handful of short films and has also performed background vocals for the likes of Demi Lovato and Little Big Town.

Last July, Cook also gushed over Taylor in a photo of the pair in Hawaii.

"The trip was perfect but what made it unforgettable was my gf. She’s a gift. She’s my best friend. She’s one of a kind," he wrote at the time.

So maybe this really is more than a fling.

The Employee of the Month star was previously linked to Jessica Simpson, Julianne Hough and Miley Cyrus.

And it bears repeating that he is painfully unfunny.