Cressida Bonas Posts Racy Pic: Is She Shading Meghan Markle?

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We're just months away from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the royal couple is no doubt dealing with all the little hiccups and headaches that comes with planning such a massive ceremony.

There's the guest list, the menu, the bridesmaid dresses, and of course, the thirsty-ass exes trying to steal the bride's shine.

Cressida Bonas on Instagram

We kid.

That's a photo that Harry's former girlfriend Cressida Bonas posted on Instagram this week, and despite what the comments section seems to think, it has nothing to do with Meghan.

As you can see, Cressida's not rocking much in the way of actual clothing.

"By the wonderful Mike Figgis @figgismike," she captioned the photo, giving credit to the filmmaker best known for directing 1995's Leaving Las Vegas.

So clearly, "washed-out and sorta sad-looking" is Mr. Figgis' aesthetic.

That's not a knock against Cressida, who's a gorgeous woman, but rather against Figgis for having her dress like a sullen teen with a Hot Topic gift card and generally going for a "dead-eyed fentanyl chic" aesthetic.

Cressida and Harry broke up back in 2014.

The split was reportedly amicable, and she's all but faded from the British tabloid headlines in the years since.

However, she's back in the news these days, thanks to rumors that Cressida might be invited to Harry and Meghan's wedding.

Yes, Harry and Cressida have reportedly remained friendly, and sources say Meg is totally cool with allowing Bonas to be in attendance on her big day. 

But that hasn't stopped random online trolls from reading way too much into this pic and posting some truly disgusting comments on Cressida's pic:

"Highly doubt [Meghan] is jealous of a used mattress, c-m dumpster! Cressida dumped Harry, she isn’t the gold digger," wrote one fan.

"The beautiful Meghan is the only one" commented another.

Megan and Harry

Yes, despite the fact that Harry and Cressida have been broken up for nearly four years and there's no indication that Bonas and Markle are in any sort of competition, haters continue to pit them against each other.

It's stuff like this, and the sausage party that is the list of 2018 Grammy winners, and ... well pretty much all of the news to come out of Hollywood in the past six months that reminds you that society still has a long, long way to go in terms of its treatment of women.

Of course, it's not like Cressida or Meghan needed to be reminded.

Both have been targets of the notoriously brutal British tabloid press at various times, which means they're all too aware of how they're regarded by certain male-dominated by the publications.

We know the royal family is an archaic institution, but that doesn't mean the media outlets who cover it can't get with the times.

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