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It can be tough to stand out in a family the size of the Duggars, but Amy Duggar has managed to make a name for herself, even though she’s not one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s many children.

Known to fans as the Duggars’ rebellious cousin, Amy lives a lifestyle unencumbered by the far-right views and strict code of conduct adhered to by the Counting On clan.

Amy Duggar on Marriage Boot Camp

(She’s even allowed to listen to secular music and use birth control!)

Amy’s way of life is conservative by the standards of just about anyone outside of the family, but to the Duggars she’s a regular maverick.

Back in 2015, Amy got married to Dillon King, and even her wedding became a source familial controversy.

Jim Bob and Michelle left early before the dancing (a major no-no according to the Duggars’ belief system) could begin.

And now it looks as though the famously pious couple will be forced to stand around awkwardly at another nuptial reception.

Amy announced today that her sister-in-law, Loren King, has gotten engaged.

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"My sista sista is engaged!! Love you Lo!" Amy captioned the above photo on her Instagram page.

Loren is set to marry her longtime boyfriend, David Bullard, a guitar player and self-proclaimed "wannabe composer."

Yes, Amy has strayed so far from the Duggars’ belief system that she’s married into a family that’s permitted to mingle with–gasp!–musicians.

Given their emphasis on family, one would expect Jim Bob and Michelle to be in attendance, even though they have no direct ties to either the bride or groom.

Considering Loren and David’s beliefs seem to fall to the left of even Amy and Dillon’s, however, the famous branch of the family may sit this one out.

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We’re sure the Bullards won’t be too heartbroken.

It’s been suggested that the Duggars are slowly severing their ties with Amy due their inability to see eye-to-eye with the 31-year-old.

If Amy and Dillon wind up getting divorced (it’s been rumored that they’re having marital troubles), then you can bet that she won’t be invited to many more family functions.

Either way, it seems that Amy is on thin ice with her high-profile aunt and uncle these days.

If video of her doing the Funky Chicken at this wedding makes its way online, she’s liable to be booted out of the family for good.

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