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The Duggars finally have a piece of news they can celebrate.

Amy Duggar – the niece of Michelle and Jim Bob and the cousin of the disgraceful Josh Duggar – exchanged vows on Sunday with fiance Dillon King.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King

According to various sources, the beautiful ceremony uniting the two lovebirds in holy matrimony took place in Bentonville, Arkansas.

It featured girls who rang a bell while walking down the aisle, as opposed to flower girls; and the sermon took place on roller coasters.

"We kept it really short and fun but still meaningful and sincere," Amy Duggar explained to Us Weekly of the speech.

It’s unclear which members of this controversial family were in attendance and it’s unclear whether Amy had saved herself for her wedding night.

But she probably did.

Amy and Dillon are rebels compared to the rest of the Duggars, kissing and full-frontal hugging before marriage and all, but are still traditional.

The couple started dating in November 2014 and she announced her engagement to Dillon King on Instagram on Monday, July 13.

And the best part of all for Amy? Aside from spending the rest of her life with the man she loves? She’ll be changing her name.

thereby distancing herself from a family whose national reputation has taken quite a molesting and infidelity-based hit of late.

“I’m so excited to take his last name," Amy said last week.

“I think that’s going to be a really awesome feeling."

In more ways than one.