Kylie Jenner: Wait... Has She Already Given Birth?!?

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As it turns out, nature is not the only thing that abhors a vacuum.

The same can be said for fans of Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner While Pregnant

Over the past several weeks, the 20-year old reality star has remained far quieter than usual on social media.

Her typical array of scantily-clad photos have been replaced by... well... pretty much nothing at all, as she waits to give birth to her first child some time in late February or early March.

So sources have claimed, at least.

Kylie herself has not said a word about her pregnancy.

In response to Jenner's silence, followers have had to form their own theories or conjure up their own ideas about what's going on.

Some have wondered whether Kylie was so distraught over this news that she considered an abortion.

Others have speculated that she's actually the surrogate for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West that that explains Jenner's silence on the issue.

And still others think this is pretty simple:

Kylie has made a living by showing off her body; now that said body looks different and, let's face it, fatter... she's simply ashamed and has basically gone into hiding.

This may be true.

But a few folks out there think something else is true: KYLIE ALREADY HAD HER BABY!

baby tweets

How could this be?

Why would Kylie have given birth in secret?

It's unclear.

But at least one Internet user alleges to have uncovered proof that Jenner is, indeed, already a mother.

We should warn you, however: this is rather flimsy "proof."

It's more akin to a crazy hypothesis with no supporting evidence, but whatever. This is the World Wide Web, right?

It's the exact place people go for their crazy hypotheses with no supporting evidence.

This individual has shared one of the Kardashian Christmas card outtakes, taken note of where everyone is looking and concluded:

They must be looking at Kylie's baby!

card proof

It's possible, right?

Kris Jenner, her mom and Kourtney Kardashian are all glancing off to the side, away from the camera, and smiling broadly.

What possible reason would they have for doing this unless Kylie was standing over there with her newborn daughter?

Perhaps you can think of another reason, but this much we know to be true:

Until Kylie issues some kind of statement... or flaunts her baby bump... or does actually produce a photo of her baby, people will continue to speculate.

She may wish it were otherwise, yet Jenner at least has the power to shoot down these sorts of rumors and innuendo.

The reality star can come right out and tell her fans what's going on.

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