Kardashian Christmas Card: Unveiled! Controversial!

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The Kardashians have once again made a statement with their annual Christmas card.

Yet the final product has mostly left fans scratching their heads and asking a question.

Kardashian Christmas Card 2017

First, take a look at the 2017 card above.

Taken by photographer Eli Russell Linnetz, it was shared yesterday on Twitter by Kim Kardashian - and it features nearly every one of her relatives.

There's Khloe and Kourtney, of course, along with mother and matriarch Kris Jenner.

There's also Jenner's own mom, Mary Jo Houghton, not to mention half-sibling Kendall Jenner.

And look at that! Kourtney's kids - Penelope, Mason and Reign Disick - are making an appearance, joined by fellow young cuties Saint and North West.

The official version is the culmination of what Kim and company dubbed their very own 25 Days of Christmas, as they released various pictures and outtakes from the photo shoot throughout the month on social media.

To wit:

Kanye and Young North

As you can see, Kanye West was very much involved in the pictorial... and yet was NOT depicted in the card itself.

We don't know why.

Scott Disick isn't included, either, but he isn't technically family; and Rob Kardashian is nowhere to be found.

Come on, though, did anyone really expect the often-estranged Rob to front, center or even off to the side in the card?

What many folks DID expect, however, was to finally get a look at Kylie Jenner's baby bump.

The pregnant 20-year old was not featured in any of the lead-up photos prior to this final release, prompting social media users to assume she would make her pregnancy reveal as part of the card.

That would have been a fun and unique way to do so, right?

For the entire family to be gathered around Kylie, pointing to her belly or something, as a way to confirm Kylie's pregnancy?

Kim for the Card

Alas, this did not happen.

Kylie isn't even in the card!

The only conclusion we can really draw from this is that Jenner really is ashamed of her body, as previous reports have stated.

We guess Kylie really is in hiding until her child is born - and fans aren't happy about it.

“Maybe we should call the authorities because @KylieJenner is still missing from the damn Kardashian Christmas card,” one person Tweeted.

Added another: “I need to see the BELLY."

And another: “Lmaoooooo THEY MIND F—KED US ALL MONTH LONG!!!!"

"What is this total f—kery they have done to us!!! C’mon @KylieJenner @KimKardashian we wanted Kylie on the damn 25th day!!!”

Kylie on Xmas

It's worth noting that Kylie did spend Christmas morning with Khloe.

The latter (who is also pregnant!) shared the above Snapchat image with supporters on Monday, stating in a video that Kylie attended her mother's Christmas Eve party and has very much been around this holiday season.

She's just laying low, it seems.

And when she does show her face, she is NOT showing her stomach. It's impossible not to notice that these days.

This is all well and good, of course. It's Kylie's body and her pregnancy and her news to deliver whenever she wants to.

She just has to understand that the longer she goes without doing so, the most people on the Internet will ask question and maybe even hurl insults.

We don't encourage the latter act, but we do understand the former.

Kylie has spent her formative years sharing every last aspect of her personal life with followers... and now she chooses to be all private?!?

It's hard not to conclude that she really isn't very excited to be a mother, based on that simple fact.

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