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Yesterday, Khloe Kardashian bared her baby bump for the first time, thus confirming what everyone already knew–she’s pregnant with her first child.

Many fans hoped that Khloe’s knocked-up little sister, Kylie Jenner, would follow suit and finally publicly confirm her own pregnancy.

Kylie Jenner and Red Lips

But that hasn’t happened yet.

In fact, Kylie’s personal life seems more shrouded in mystery than ever today.

And if you follow the 20-year-old on social media, then you know how unusual it is for Kylie to keep anything from her adoring public.

It’s enough to make her millions of fans wonder if Kylie has something to hide.

Despite rumors that Kylie is faking her pregnancy, there’s little doubt that she’s expecting a baby by rapper Travis Scott.

But there are plenty of questions about whether she and Scott are still an item.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
(Getty Images)

According to Hollywood Life, Travis recently walked out on Kylie following a blow-out fight about his hard-partying lifestyle.

“Friends say they had a huge fight and Travis walked out,” an insider tells the outlet. 

“It seems like he just wants to have fun with his friends, and Kylie’s worried that when it’s time for him to be there for her and the baby, he won’t step up,” the source added.

Kylie reportedly went off on Travis when he came to her house late one night after clubbing until the wee hours.

Sources say the mom-to-be flipped out on Scott, leading him to storm off.

"Kylie thought that some tough love was what Travis needed, but it backfired and now there’s no telling whether he’ll come back," one informant claims.

Kylie Goes Metallic

"Travis is a decent guy, and his friends think he will try to do the right thing by his child, but Kylie has to face the sad reality that things may be over between them for good.”

Yes, it seems Kylie over-played her hand and Travis basically called her bluff.

“Her nagging only makes him distance himself more. He couldn’t take it anymore and needed space," the source says.

Now, rumors about Kylie getting back together with Tyga are circulating on social media, but those who know Kylie best say they doubt a reconciliation is in the cards.

“She is hoping to make her and Travis be the end game," one insider tells HL.

Kylie Jenner Hides Her Baby Bump

"She doesn’t see a future with Tyga in any way as it would be very weird to even be friends with him. So much has happened to give him another chance so it’s not going to be a possibility.”

Sounds like Kylie has an awful lot on her plate for someone has yet to reach drinking age.

(We know, we know–she shouldn’t drink while she’s pregnant. Just a way of emphasizing how incredibly young this near-billionaire expectant mom is. Sheesh!)

Our advice is that Kylie should find herself a rapper who’s actually successful.

As long as she’s attracting dudes who basically see her as a dollar sign with giant lips, things are unlikely to go her way.