Kylie Jenner: Is She REALLY Faking Her Pregnancy?!

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As you've no doubt heard by now, Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child.

We think.

Kylie has yet to confirm that she's expecting, and a surprisingly large contingent of fans believe that's because she's not actually knocked up.

Why would she engage in such a foolish stunt? What makes Kylie's biggest fans think she's misleading the public? And why the hell won't she just come out and say whether she's pregnant?

Join us as we put on our Sherlock Holmes caps to answer these questions and more:

1. Body of Evidence

Body of Evidence
Kylie is keeping mum on the issue of her rumored pregnancy. That hasn't stopped her from posting on social media, of course, but as you can tell from the photo above, she's been going to great lengths to conceal her midsection.

2. Deceptive Selfies?

Deceptive Selfies?
Naturally Kylie is still posting selfies, and fans are putting them under the microscope in search of a baby bump, but thus far, no solid evidence has emerged.

3. Kylie's Closeup

Kylie's Closeup
Kylie obsessives are so desperate for proof they've cited THIS photo--a closeup of Kylie's face--as evidence that she's knocked up. We kid you not; several fans have commented on Kylie's "obvious pregnancy face."

4. Snapchat Slip-Up?

Snapchat Slip-Up?
Of course, it's impossible to post on social media as often as Kylie does without occasionally revealing more than one wants to. Some fans think Kylie messed up with this Snapchat post from early November that appears to show her buying tampons.

5. Offspring Bonanza

Offspring Bonanza
Others think it's suspicious that three Kardashian women are expecting children at the same time ... and that the news coincides with a recent decline in the family's popularity.

6. But Why Would Kylie Lie?

But Why Would Kylie Lie?
Obviously, the Kards aren't averse to publicity stunts, but a fake pregnancy would be ridiculous even by Kris Jenner's standards. Still, that hasn't stopped fans from compiling a number of theories as to why Kylie would pretend to have a bun in the oven ...

7. A Secret Surrogate?

A Secret Surrogate?
As you may know, Kim Kardashian is currently expecting a baby via surrogate. Some fans believe Kylie is sercretly carrying Kim and Kanye's kid--but that doesn't jibe with information that's already been revealed about the surrogate.

8. Stealing Khloe's Thunder

Stealing Khloe's Thunder
Still others believe that Kylie is keeping her bump under wraps so as not to take the spotlight away from her big sister Khloe, who's also expecting her first kid.

9. Kris' Master Plan

Kris' Master Plan
A third group of conspiracy theorists believe that Kris Jenner has put a muzzle on Kylie. Proposed motives vary, but the consensus seems to be that Kris has some kind of massive reveal event planned.

10. Is Kris Pissed?

Is Kris Pissed?
Others believe Kris is upset about Kylie's pregnancy and is still trying to figure out the best way to break the news to her daughter's impressionable young fans.

11. Kris "The Fixer" Jenner

Kris "The Fixer" Jenner
And there are those who think Kris is trying to keep the lid on some sort of scandal, possibly involving the identity of Kylie's baby daddy. Another group thinks the momager is trying to negotiate a better contract for the second season of Kylie's reality show.

12. Double the Hype?

Double the Hype?
One theory that's gained a surprising amount of traction on social media holds that Kylie is expecting twins, and she's planning to make the news in a way that will enable her to "break the internet."

13. Low-Key Kylie

Low-Key Kylie
Another rumor is that Kylie is self-conscious about her appearance these days, and thus, won't be announcing her pregnancy until after she gives birth.

14. A Long Hiatus

A Long Hiatus
Obviously, that would require Kylie to take a suspiciously long break from social media, but proponents of this theory explain that she probably has enough un-posted selfies to sustain her through a nine-month absence. That last part is almost certainly true.

15. The Best Guess

The Best Guess
There certainly seems to be something to the belief that Kylie is feeling self-conscious, but the hypothesis that seems to be leading the pack is the one about Kylie's baby daddy.

16. A Tyga Cub?

A Tyga Cub?
When the Kylie rumors first began to circulate, Tyga posted on social media that he's the father. The tweet was quickly deleted and widely dismissed as a joke.

17. Paternity Drama?

Paternity Drama?
However, sources close to the situation have claimed that Tyga is demanding a patetnity test.

18. Travis Trouble

Travis Trouble
This could mean serious trouble for Kylie, as she's currently dating rapper Travis Scott, and has been for several months. Whatever the case, one thing is clear...

19. Kylie Is In Uncharted Territory

Kylie Is In Uncharted Territory
The members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan thrive on the public's interest in their personal lives. Keeping news this big under wraps is unheard of, especially for social media queen Kylie. Though it's unclear why she's playing this one so close to the vest, you can bet Kylie has a good reason. We're just not sure if we'll ever find out what that reason is.

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