Joy-Anna Duggar: Has She Already Given Birth?!

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Duggar conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen.

Not a week goes by that we don't learn of some wild new hypothesis about the largest family on television.

These days, most of the social media chatter has to do with 20-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar, who's currently pregnant with her first child.

Austin, Joy Forsyth

Joy married Austin Forsyth in May, and she announced that she's expecting just three months later.

Right off the bat, fans were skeptical about the timeline.

The belief is that Joy got pregnant before her wedding, and due to the Duggars' strict ban on premarital sex, she lied about her date of conception.

It certainly wouldn't be the most elaborate Duggar conspiracy we've seen.

Of course, the jig would be more or less up once Joy-Anna gave birth ahead of schedule and confirmed the theory that she'd gotten knocked up before saying "I do," right?

Well, not if the Duggars keep the delivery under wraps until the appropriate time.

Joy-Anna Duggar: No Longer Pregnant?

That's a photo of Joy that appeared on her Instagram page earlier this week.

"Heading down to Mississippi for a wedding," she captioned the pic.

As with everything Joy does, fans were quick to respond with a tidal wave of feedback:

“She is glowing! Beautiful,” wrote one follower.

“Joy, you look so beautiful with no makeup,” echoed another.

But amidst all the praise was some serious skepticism prompted by, of all things, the lack of bloating in Joy's face.

"She doesn’t look pregnant here. They are hiding something,” commented one fan.

Austin with Joy

“Joy doesn’t even look pregnant in this pic,” wrote another.

Yes, on the basis of a photo that shows us nothing other than her face, fans have jumped to all sorts of conclusions.

Many are actually convinced that Joy secretly gave birth several weeks ago, and her family is planning to keep the news under wraps in order to stick with their original timeline.

Is it a ridiculous theory?

Of course! In fact, in most cases we would dismiss right off the bat, but it's worth remembering that these are the same Duggars who kept Josh's sex crimes under wraps for over a decade.

They're basically what would happen if you combined the Waltons with a team of super-spies.

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