The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 Recap: Time for After

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With just one episode to go before the midseason finale, The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 set the wheels in motion for what is sure to be a doozy of an end. 

When the episode got underway, Eugene knew the truth about Dwight's betrayal but said that he would not reveal the truth to Negan. 

In fact, Eugene said that he would keep quiet if Dwight stopped working with the enemy. This confirmed that Eugene was done with his former team. 

It's crazy how one little bit of power can make you become one of the most morally bankrupt characters on TV. 

Dwight was not ready to give up and told Eugene the Saviors had already lost the war. This was a tactic to try and get Eugene back on the side of his old people. 

Rick in Trouble on The Walking Dead Season 8

Eugene was still very much against flipping on Negan, but Father Gabriel had a word with him about doing what was right. Oh, and Gabriel was dying of infections. 

That's when Negan's wife, Tanya appeared back in the mix and told Eugene they could still get on board with the plan to off Negan and end the war. 

After a somewhat awkward encounter with Negan, the tech wizard had a plan to use a remote control device to take an iPod emitting noise and create a device to lure the walkers away, 

Just when it seemed like his plan was working, Dwight appeared with a gun, ready to shoot. Yes, Eugene is in a lot of trouble. 

Is Eugene Evil?

While that was going down,  the rest of the heroes were trying to take down the Sanctuary once and for all. They knew that creating an entrance would give the walkers a safe passage to take all of the Saviors down. 

As Daryl drove the truck to the Sanctuary, Eugene decided to defy Dwight's orders and launch the flying object. Dwight shot it down, and the walkers made their way inside. 

Eugene then decided he was no longer a prisoner and turned to Negan with yet another plan to save everyone. He just needed Negan's bullet making equipment to make it a success. 

Rick was still in the clutches of the Scavengers. He eventually plucked up the courage to take a walker down, attack one of Jadis' henchman and even had a tussle with her. 

Rick on The Walking Dead Season 8

Rick asked Jadis one last time to think about what it would mean to join him and his team. She then decided that she was on Team Rick, but her loyalty is always wavering, so we will see how long she sticks it out. 

Rick said that he wanted to be the one to pull the trigger on Negan. 

When everyone assembled at the Sanctuary, the walkers were no more. This made Rick (and me!) question what was going on.

How will it end?

Find out next Sunday!

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