Jill Duggar Shows Off TATTOO on Instagram!

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It's happening, folks.

Like Jinger and Jessa before her, Jill Duggar is finally defying the arch-conservatve views and arbitrarily strict rules of her upbringing.

And she's giving us all a front row seat to the rebellion.

Jill Duggar Nose Piercing

Last week, Jill's nose ring stunned fans, who are accustomed to seeing the mother of two stick with the prairie wife aesthetic favored by her mother.

Considering Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were reportedly outraged when Jill's sister Jinger started wearing pants, the decision to display a semi-permanent body modification on social media was a bold one.

Sure, the Duggar girls might sport pierced ears, and the Duggar dress code might not specifically address the issue of facial piercings, but Jill knew how her parents would react to the sight of her looking like a Hot Topic employee who moonlights at Claire's, circa 1997.

Similarly, she knew how they'd react to her latest pic.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, Jill Duggar's tattoo:

Jill Duggar Tattoo

Yes, that's Jill's hand sharing the frame with her youngest son, Samuel.

You may have noticed that Jill's "tattoo" is stenciled in temporary Henna ink.

So yes, the reaction from her traditionalist parents probably hasn't been as severe as if she were sporting permanent body art, but if you know anything about Jim Bob and Michelle, you know they're not big on even mild displays of individuality and worldliness.

Not surprisingly, Jill's fashion statement has garnered a negative reaction from some of her more conservative fans.

"My teenage girls looked to you as a role model and now the piercing and henna. Worldly worldly," wrote one of Jill's followers.

"Thankfully they don’t look to that way anymore. I think we were warned when you were broken-hearted about your hubby cutting off his long hair."

Jill Duggar Tortilla Controversy

"Isn't that a little wild for a so-called 'simple, modest girl?'" remarked another.

Tough crowd. 

Fortunately, many were appreciative of Jill's ink, and praised her flare for self-expression.

"I LOVE the henna! Six years of being a hippy dippy midwife and I still haven’t completed that bucket list item!" one fan commented

"She is hated for her lifestyle regardless of what she does... what is wrong with people?" asked another.

As with all acts of Duggar rebellion, this one is pretty innocuous to those of us living in the modern world.

Jill, Derick Dillard, Family

But what's important is that Jill knew she might face backlash or even consequences, and she showed her new tatt off anyway.

Sure, the ink is temporary.

But the image will remain etched in the minds of ultra-conservative Duggar enthusiasts forever.

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