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Sometimes, Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff’s strong opinions about family life don’t go over well with fans.

Remember Audrey’s prayer for her daughter that seemed like it was bashing fellow Millennials or maybe everyone else on Earth? Yeah.

This time, Auj is talking about what her marriage is like.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, Christmas Airplane

Fans are freaking out a little, and not just because of her heavily staged (but cute!) Christmas photos with her husband in matching pajamas.

Audrey used her captions to reflect on her marriage to Jeremy Roloff and what the two of them are like as a couple.

"I wouldn’t consider Jeremy and I to be silly," she says.

That’s a weirdly structured sentence, but … so, how would she describe them as a couple? How do their spend their time?

"We’re far more inclined to spend the evening in a serious debate, working on new ideas for our ministries, or casting vision for our future."

Those first parts sound like they’re Type-A go-getters … and the rest of it is just asking for some in-depth analysis.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff, Christmas PDA

"Casting vision for our future" sounds like something that a group of adorable witches would do before getting wine-drunk at 8 p.m., but we somehow suspect that Audrey Roloff might not enjoy that comparison.

"Sometimes I think we need to schedule ‘play dates’ instead of ‘date nights,’" she goes on.

A good idea.

"Our date nights often become work brainstorming sessions."

It sounds like she’s right. That’s not a date — not a fun one, anyway.

"If any of you married couples out there run businesses or ministries together, I’m sure you can relate."

There are other couples who can relate, certainly. Any couple who works in the same field (especially at the same company).

Any two people who write a book together or are both in the entertainment industry can easily get caught up in the dreaded date night work talk.

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff, Christmas Snuggles

"We try to set boundaries on date night – no bringing up big looming decisions, finances, work, you know… the stuff grows the gray hairs."

And since both Audrey and Jeremy have especially beautiful hair, we’d really hate to see them get any premature gray.

Audrey’s reflections continue:

"But we fail. Sometimes I think we need to just lighten up."

She shares her definition of lightening up.

"Read a novel instead of the news and self-help… Watch a comedy instead of apologetics, mysteries, and documentaries…."

Those sound like good ideas, sure. And then she makes it more personal.

"Give each other our undivided attention, instead of constantly multitasking…"

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, Christmas Snuggles

Multitasking is great, folks, but not at the cost of your relationship.

"Maybe we just need to stop idolizing productivity and give ourselves permission to play."

Yes. That is very important. Especially as they continue to adapt to their role as parents to precious baby Ember Jean.

"Maybe you need permission to play too? Who cares if it’s cheesy!"

Please, by all means, do not take yourself too seriously.

"Dress up in matching PJ’s, have a tickle fight, or suspend yourself in the air balancing on your husbands feet;) Let’s not undermine the value of playfulness."

She had a little nod to how recently she gave birth to Ember Jean.

And yes, my postpartum abs thanked me for this picture;)"

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It sounds like Audrey is one of those people who forgot how to have fun at a relatively young age and has yet to rediscover it.

And it also sounds like Jeremy’s in the same boat with her. They need to relax. Reading, watching stuff on TV, playing video games — if you have free time, use it to follow your bliss.

(Though, as parents who also do their own business stuff, they really aren’t going to have much free time)

Mostly, they just need to learn to relax around each other. That’s important for their personal well-being, but also important for their role as parents.

Some fans were taken aback by Auj’s description of her marriage.

"If you can’t have fun with your spouse doing the smallest things, imo that’s not good. Can’t be serious all the time."

Another was more succinct:

"Ummm weird."

One fan commented with some really good advice:

"I would not survive in a relationship like that. Without lightheartedness I would feel like such a prude. The one thing I love about my relationship is that I laugh with him and at myself at our expense. … Don’t take life so seriously."

Others were really taken in by Audrey’s thoughts:

"Stop idolizing productivity. Wow. That struck me where it counts."

Let’s hope that Audrey can follow her own advice.