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Once upon a time, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray looked set to become the latest power couple in Bachelor Nation. 

Somewhere along the way, their relationship hit a snag, and it allowed Murray to appear on Bachelor in Paradise in 2016, and that’s where he started a relationship with Amanda Stanton. 

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But, how did Andi feel about her ex-fiance being back on TV and getting up close and proposing to a different woman? 

I don’t think it was hard as much as it was strange,” Dorfman revealed to Us Weekly.

“Something everyone can relate to in the sense of — you may be finished and done with a relationship or have gotten over all of it, but whenever you hear an ex of yours has gotten engaged or dating again, especially on such a public platform, it just feels strange.”

Dorfman makes an excellent point: Who wants to know their ex is involved with someone else? 

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It must be difficult being in the public eye because there’s, like, no way to really cut an ex out of your life if they are popping up in the headlines every so often. 

Dorfman’s new book, Single State of Mind delves further into her feelings about the whole thing. There’s probably a whole lot of Josh Murray bashing included because that’s what she does best. 

“I didn’t want to try and brush it all under the rug, but at the same time, I wasn’t distraught over it,” she says in the book.

“It was just a weird feeling.”

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If you keep up to speed with what goes on in Bachelor Nation, you will already know that Murray’s relationship with Stanton was yet another relationship that fizzled. 

Andi managed to bond with Stanton in the aftermath, and the pair has been out together, so at least we know they are not letting one man come between a potential friendship. 

“I’ve actually been out with her a couple times in New York City,” Dorfman explains, but she also says that the pair don’t chat regularly about Murray. 

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“It’s pretty funny! We don’t actually exchange too many stories, but it’s like how many people in the world have been engaged and then broken off an engagement to the same guy as me? The answer is pretty much only one!”

While Bachelor Nation relationships have a knack for being ill-fated, Dorfman also revealed whether she would dip back into the dating world with former contestants. 

“I mean, I’m not against it. I don’t think anyone that comes off the show has a stigma, by any means,” she explains.

“I hope not because then I would have one too! I’m not against it, but I wouldn’t say I’m seeking out a guy from Bachelor Nation by any means [laughs].”

Adds Andi: “Unless it was Chris Harrison!”

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Wouldn’t it be fun to see Chris Harrison and Andi become a thing? We can only imagine the headlines that would come from that pairing!

Unfortunately, Andi was joking when she said that last comment. 

"We would never date!” she dishes. “We have a little fun with it still.”

Okay, so how do you feel about Andi’s comments?

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