Riverdale Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Tales from the Darkside

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Riverdale is one of the most visually stunning shows around and Riverdale Season 2 Episode 7 amped that up to another level by changing up the way the story was told. 

It resulted in one of the most engaging episodes of this sophomore sensation yet and set the wheels in motion for a killer midseason finale.

The Black Hood killer said that he had cleansed the town and if there were no more sinners, he would stop his reign of terror. 

Let's run down what happened for all of the characters 

Jughead Pays Back a Debt

Remember when Penny Peabody said that Jughead would have to return the favor to her for helping his father? Well, she gave him a call to do a job for her, and it involved transporting drugs from Riverdale to Greendale. 

The villainous lawyer revealed that the Ghoulies roughed up FP in prison because of the person who made the phone call. If you watch Riverdale online, you will know that Archie was the one who called the cops. 

Jughead brought Archie in on the plan because he was instrumental in his father getting attacked. Archie borrowed Fred's truck, and the two boys picked up the "pancake mix" and kicked off their mission. 

Jughead Learns The Truth

The scary thing was that the crate with all the drugs was huge and it was evident what they were doing from the get-go. All seemed to be going well ... until the tire on the truck gave way. 

With no spare, they wondered who they could call for assistance, and they both agreed that bringing Betty and Veronica into it would be a bad idea. Here's the thing that sucks with Archie: He did not worry about getting V to retrieve a gun from the school for him. 

The kid is filled with bad decisions to the point that it's difficult to look at him as the main character. He's like the dull side character who wants to be front and center. 

Before they could call Kevin, a creepy old man appeared in a truck that may or may not have had a dead body in the back. He said he had room for one of them and took Jughead's final $18. 

Archie was left to wait for AAA to come and fix the tire while Jughead got into the truck with the creepy man, and it was evident he had made a mistake. The man told Jug about someone called the Reaper who got rid of all the villains in the past. 

KJ Apa on Riverdale

Jughead could not help but take a look under the tarp and found a dead animal. The man then forced Jug to go to the diner with him, and then the deluded old being tried to take off with the crate, saying that the town deserved all the bad stuff coming to it. 

Archie appeared in the nick of time, and the boys completed their journey to Greendale. But the drug dealers made it clear it would be the first of many deliveries from Jug. 

Penny threatened Jughead with footage of him and Archie, saying that it was time she got revenge on his father for not keeping a promise to her from back in the day. 

This is going to be interesting!

Josie vs. The Secret Admirer

We picked up with Josie in the school in the dead of night. She was practicing without her band members. This was because Cheryl took her under her wing and said that she knew someone who could help her, but she would need to be a solo act. 

Madelaine Petsch at 2017 MTV Awards

Josie did not want the others to find out, so she kept it quiet. Her mother was mad that she was staying out later and revealed she wanted her home earlier because the killer was threatening both of them. 

Josie had a secret admirer at the school, and the person kept putting things in her locker. It all came to a head when a Pig's heart was delivered to her along with a drawing of the singer with the message "If I can't have you, nobody can." 

Cheryl and Josie immediately blamed Reggie, and he was sent to Weatherbee's office, but Keller later told Mayor McCoy that there was no evidence to suggest it was him. 

We then got to witness Cheryl drawing a picture the same way as the drawing of Josie. Are we to assume Cheryl is orchestrating this to make friends with the pussycat?

If so, she needs help.

Betty and Veronica Track a Suspect

Betty was ready to track the killer, but she could not shake the feeling that Sheriff Keller was part of the whole thing. Kevin had opened up about Keller going out in the dead of night and not returning until the wee hours. 

Camila Mendes for The CW

Veronica tried to get Kevin back to being great again and did some digging when she had a sleepover with him. Keller was working out in the middle of the night, and they had an awkward chat. 

Keller let Betty see all of his files on the killer, but she crossed the line by hitting up his office and breaking into the evidence. Keller realized Betty wanted to find out the truth and something tells me he knows the department is struggling. 

Later, Betty and Veronica followed the cop and found him having sex with Mayor McCoy in a seedy motel. So, he's not the killer; he's just boning the Mayor!

Sinners Continue Sinning

The big finish found the killer calling the diner to let everyone know that the town is still sinning and that he will continue killing everyone. So, there's no end in sight. 

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