Joy-Anna Duggar: Premarital Pregnancy Theory Confirmed?

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On Thanksgiving Day, the entire Duggar family assembled to celebrate ... whatever it is that we celebrate on Thanksgiving.

Well, we should say almost the entire Duggar family was on hand.

Duggar Thanksgiving Photo 2017

"We had a wonderful time together over the past few days, lots of delicious food and the making of new memories that will last a lifetime! We were so thankful to have kids and grandkids under one roof,” matriarch Michelle captioned the above photo.

As you can see, even the disgraced Josh Duggar was invited to the family's Thanksgiving festivities.

So naturally, fans are curious as to why Joy-Anna Duggar was absent from the gathering.

Of course, the internet has plenty of theories on that score.

As you may recall, Joy-Anna is pregnant with her first child.

The announcement came just three months after the 20-year-old married Austin Forsyth, prompting theories that she actually got pregnant before her wedding.

Austin, Joy Forsyth

If you know where the Duggars stand on the issue of premarital sex, then you know why that would be a very big deal.

The Joy-Anna "shotgun wedding" theories are rampant on social media, and many fans are convinced that Joy is absent from her family's holiday pics due to her burgeoning baby bump.

The comments section on the Duggars' latest Instagram photo is loaded with questions about Joy-Anna's absence, but thus far, those queries have gone unanswered.

Many fans have pointed out that Joy and Austin may have decided to spend the holidays with the Forsyths.

But if that's the case, why wouldn't her parents just say so?

The fact is, there are a number of reasons why Joy may not have been photographed alongside the rest of her family.

Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy Photo

But it's not as if the Duggars aren't aware of the controversy surrounding her date of conception.

So the fact that Joy is absent without any sort of explanation is enough to raise plenty of eyebrows ... and questions.

Many are taking the lack of a justification from her family as a sure sign that Joy is further along than the Duggars would have us believe.

We hate to indulge conspiracy theories, but the situation is mighty suspicious.

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