Prince William Has Hilarious Response to Prince Harry Engagement

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Prince William is typically known for one of two things:

1. His dashing good looks.

2. His beautiful and pretty much perfect wife.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Laugh

The Royal hunk isn't normally applauded for his sense of humor, although that may need to change in the wake to his latest response to Prince Harry's engagement.

Yes, in case you somehow missed it, Prince Harry is now engaged to Meghan Markle.

The couple made the news official this week via a statement, a joint photo shoot and an adorable joint interview.

When the announcement was initially made, William and Kate Middleton issued a formal response through Kensington Palace that read as follows:

“We are very excited for Harry and Meghan. It has been wonderful getting to know Meghan and to see how happy she and Harry are together.”

Short. Simple. Undoubtedly truthful.

For also.... boooooring!

Ultimate Relationship Goal

On the first day of his visit to Finland on Wednesday, however, William was asked by reporters about this exciting piece of family news...

... and he responded in a far funnier manner.

"We’re very excited, delighted for them both. We’re wishing them all the happiness in this very exciting time,” he said, adding:

“Personally, I hope it means he stays out of my fridge and will stop scrounging my food, which he’s done for the last few years!"

HA! There you go. There's a sign of humanity from the often-buttoned-up Royal family member.

During a special briefing at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, officials revealed that the Harry and Markle will get married May of next year at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

No exact date has been announced yet.


But Middleton is due to give birth to her and William's third child in April, meaning Great Britain may very well explode in happiness next spring.

We'll need to keep a close eye on our dear allies.

Markle, meanwhile, has given up her acting career and will be living in London full-time.

We're sure Middleton has talked to her and will continue to talk to her about the overwhelming changes she's about to encounter over the following days, weeks, months and years.

Thankfully, Markle has the ideal role model to assist her along the way, as no one could have handled these sorts of changes as well as Middleton has since she married William.

Markle, however, already seems up to the task.

Asked about the harassment she's received due to her mixed heritage, the now-former actress took a high road in her interview on Monday with Harry.

:At the end of the day I am proud of who I am and where I have come from and we have never put any focus on that," she said.

"We have just focused on who we are as a couple."

And who they are as a couple, as you can see below, is two very happy and very in love individuals!

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