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Well, it’s that time of year again.

On Thursday, millions of Americans will gather to spew mouthfuls of mashed potato at their loved ones as they get all red in the face at the sight of kneeling football players.

Thanksgiving can be especially daunting if you’re half of a new or newly engaged couple, as you may wind up getting raked over the coals by relatives you’re meeting for the first time, or ones who are just now taking you seriously because there’s a ring on your finger.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Invictus Games

Are royals exempt from this sort of awkward encounter?

Well, usually yes, since they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.K.

But Harry fell in love with an American, which means many of his future Novembers will be spent in confusion over why a holiday that supposedly celebrates gratitude and togetherness is now synonymous with politically-charged vitriolic debate.

Fortunately, the couple will be spared any discussion of whose family to spend the holiday with, as Harry’s kin is understandably not on board with a holiday that celebrates the act of fleeing England.

Meghan has much to be grateful for this season, as not only will she soon be royalty (She’s not officially engaged to Harry yet, but insiders say it’s only a matter of time.), she also made a major career change recently.

Meghan Markle in Character on Suits

After eight seasons and countless–we’re guessing lawsuits?–Meghan has bid farewell to the show that made her famous-ish.

Yes, Markle has quit Suits, and sources say her emotional last day of filming took place last week.

"Meghan was supposed to wrap by the end of Wednesday but, for whatever reason, she ended up having to work Thursday morning in Toronto," a source tells E! News.

So now she’s through with work obligations and free to focus on her royal future.

Many fans are wondering if Harry will be joining Meghan and her family for his first stateside Thanksgiving.

Not surprisingly, the answer is … no one really knows.

A Sweet Whisper

Insiders say Harry is planning to join Meghan in LA, but that hasn’t been confirmed by any sort of royal schedule.

Whatever the case, Markle will reportedly be making yet another major change in her life immediately following the holiday.

"It’ll then be time for Meghan to move to London and into Harry’s place," the insider says of Meh’s Black Friday agenda.

We’re hoping Harry will be joining the Markle clan and trying to make sense of American football on Thursday, but if he opts out, that may be for the best.

According to an Australian historian, the holiday has special meaning to Meghan, as one of her ancestors was a founder of the Massachusetts community of Nantucket.

Meghan Markle Sparkles

That fellow–who we assume starred on the colonial version of Suits entitled Waistcoats–had a great-great-great-grandfather who was beheaded by Harry’s most notorious royal forebear, Henry VIII.

Could make for some awkward dinner table convo.

And you were worried about your MAGA-hat wearing uncle butting heads with your Bernie Bro cousin who’s back from his first semester at art school.