Kendra Caldwell: Pregnant With Joseph Duggar's Baby?!

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It's been two months since Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell got married, which means fans of Joe's family are expecting a pregnancy.

Seriously, we're waiting for the announcement any day now. After all, Duggars typically work fast in the procreation department.

Joe and Kendra Duggar

It's sort of what they're known for, along with bizarre courtship rules and other things the Duggars do not allow or insist upon.

So it should come as no surprise that the latest photos of Joe and Kendra seem to indicate that Kendra is expecting.

Of course, the Duggars are extremely careful about how information regarding their family is released to the public.

At least they try to be. The fame game works both ways; Jim Bob is a proven media master, but with that comes heightened scrutiny.

As such, Joe and Kendra appear to be playing the big pregnancy news close to the vest, but that doesn't mean the signs aren't there.

See Exhibit A below ...

Joseph Duggar, Kendra Caldwell and Family

The photo that has Duggar fans talking shows the newlyweds spending time with Kendra's family in their native Arkansas.

As you can see, Kendra basically pulls a disappearing act in the pic, hiding behind her mom in a fashion that many fans find suspicious.

The image made the rounds of Facebook and Reddit recently, and many of the site's users found reason to be suspicious.

“The fact that Kendra has her entire body blocked by her mother is making me suspicious already,” commented one fan.

Wrote another:

“Is it a coincidence that Kendra’s whole body is behind her mother’s? If they want (to) hide a pregnancy, they’ve done it well since you can’t see Kendra at all."

Joe, Kendra Duggar

Obviously, the image isn't exactly conclusive evidence that Kendra Caldwell is expecting the newlyweds' first child.

And it's worth noting that Duggar fans have been dead wrong about pregnancy suspicions many times in the past.

You need to look no further than the Jinger Duggar pregnancy rumors that are still in circulation for evidence of that.

On the flip side, fans' speculation about Joy-Anna Duggar getting pregnant outside of marriage turned out to be ...

Well, see our examination of Joy-Anna Duggar shotgun wedding rumors for just how far that discussion spread.

Anyway, Kendra's positioning in the pic is ...

Well, it's interesting, to say the least.

Kendra Caldwell, Joe Duggar Wedding Photo

Why, you might ask, understandably, would the Duggars would go to such great pains to keep a pregnancy under wraps?

It all comes down to control for Jim Bob.

At this point, big announcements such as baby and wedding news are basically what's keeping their TLC series afloat.

If the news gets out some other way, say, through social media, then the Duggars just missed a huge ratings boost.

Is it a bit on the cynical side? Of course!

But as scandalous Duggar behavior goes, hiding a pregnancy is extremely mild ... isn't that right, Derick Dillard?

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