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Ever since she married Jeremy Vuolo last year, Jinger Duggar has been furiously dodging questions about her personal life.

The questions, of course, mainly have to do with rumors that the 23-year-old Jinger is pregnant with her first child.

Jinger and Jeremy on the 'Gram
Photo via Instagram

Fans insist that Jinger is showing a baby bump in several recent photos, but she continues to deny that she’s expecting.

There are many possible reasons for this, of course.

For starters, she actually might not be expecting.

Crazier things have happened than a Duggar woman being married for nine months without getting pregnant.

(Admittedly, we can’t think of any crazier things than that as of press time, but we’re sure they’ve happened.)

Another theory is that Jinger is keeping her bump under wraps so that she can make a big, ratings-grabbing reveal on Counting On.

Such a move would hardly be unprecedented.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo on Instagram!
Photo via Instagram

Weddings and pregnancies are basically what keep the show afloat, so it makes sense that producers would encourage this.

By having Jinger hold off on making her big reveal, they could make fans watch Counting On online to experience the magic.

But if that’s the case, her oldest sister Jana Duggar may have just torpedoed months of sneaking around with one quote.

During a televised interview with Daphne Oz on Monday night, Jana was asked about Jinger and Jeremy’ new home in Laredo, Texas.

Fans have already noted that Jinger and Jeremy bought a four-bedroom house, a surefire indication of starting a family sooner rather than later.

Right? Well, there’s even more there …

Jinger Duggar and Henry Wilberforce!
Photo via Instagram

While discussing the home’s floor plan, Jana may have inadvertently let the cat out of the bag with regard to Jinger’s pregnancy.

"One [room] is, of course, the master bedroom, then we have Jeremy’s study," the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle said.

"One’s a guest bedroom and another one is full of boxes and old furniture we need to get rid of," Jana, 27, said, with the kicker:

"But it can be moved out. We’ll come back next time."

"We’re going to help them set up a nursery."

Yes. A nursery. Now, designing such a room before a baby is actually on the way is widely considered to be bad luck. So …

Jana Duggar Smirk
Photo via TLC

Many fans jumped to the conclusion that Jana’s comment was a sly – and possibly unintentional – confirmation of Jinger’s pregnancy.

It’s a leap, but it’s not hard to see how they arrived at that conclusion, especially given all the other rumors surrounding her.

Of course, until Jinger confirms the news herself, the speculation and analysis of every garment will likely continue unabated.

We won’t have any idea of what’s happening with her womb … and that announcement may not be coming until the network decides.

With TLC renewing Counting On for a new season, this is all but certain to be addressed one way or another before long.

Stay tuned. As for Jana’s romantic future … all we can do is cross our fingers that there are new developments on that front too.