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It’s only been three months since Jill Duggar welcomed her second child, but the woman is a Duggar, which means her uterus does more before noon than most people’s reproductive organs do all day.

So it should come as no surprise that fans are convinced she already has a third baby on the way.

Jill Dill
Photo via Instagram

Yes, Jill Duggar pregnancy rumors are upon us once again, thanks to a video that was recently posted on the Duggar family’s official Facebook page.

This happens so often that we can’t help but wonder if the Duggars purposefully post photos and clips in which it almost sort of looks like one of the women might be expecting.

Ya know, if you squint and tilt your head, and you really want them to be pregnant.

We’ve posted a screenshot from the much-discussed Facebook video below.

It’s kind of like a baby bump Rorschach Test:

Your response will determine how badly you want to believe Jill is expecting:

Jill Duggar: Pregnant Again?!
Photo via Facebook

“OMG I hope Jill is pregnant again! She and Derick make the cutest babies in the world!” one fan commented.

“Is she pregnant again? That was soon. Slow down Jill!” wrote another eager conclusion-jumper.

Our opinion on the matter? 

Jill isn’t sporting six-pack abs because she just had a kid three freakin’ months ago.

Some fans–presumably the ones who are at least passingly familiar with how the human body works–share our assessment and agree that the most likely explanation is that Jill’s more focused on raising her two young children than with regaining her "pre-baby body."

“It’s OK to gain weight! Doesn’t mean she’s pregnant,” wrote one sensible commenter.

Jill, Derick Dillard, Family
Photo via Instagram

As we’ve proven time and again (and again and again and again), we’re more than happy to obsess over every public detail of the Duggars’ lives, but even we draw the line at putting screen grabs of the women’s midsections under a microscope.

For all the various ways in which they’ve misled their fans over the years, the Duggar women have been admirably forthcoming about the challenges of raising kids in the public eye.

Recently, Jessa posted photos of her "messy" house (it really wasn’t all that bad) as a way of reminding fans that she’s human, and feels all the same pressures and struggles as every other young mom.

She just does it all with several million social media followers watching her every move.

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