Jenelle Evans: Does This Photo Prove She's Being Abused?!

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For the past ... well, for pretty much the entirety of their relationships, there have been rumors that Jenelle Evans is being abused by David Eason.

These rumors keep popping up for many, many reasons.

Jenelle's Selfie

So many reasons.

One, David is no stranger to be accused of such atrocities. In court documents, his ex claimed that he pushed her down while she was pregnant, and that after she gave birth, he choked her.

Two, Jenelle has never been in a relationship that didn't involve abuse in some way, not in the history of Teen Mom 2.

Three, we've seen David be extremely controlling on the show, to the point where some viewers feel comfortable referring to his behavior as emotional abuse.

Four, David has officially been accused of abusing Jenelle's son, Kaiser, in court documents filed by Kaiser's grandmother. Not only that, but her other son, Jace, has allegedly told his therapist that he's scared of David.

Five ... no, OK, look, we could list reasons and instances all day, we really could, but let's just get to the point already.

Lots of people are concerned that David could possibly be abusing Jenelle, and some eagle-eyed Teen Mom fans think they now have photographic evidence of this.

Jenelle Evans Promoting Lipstick

Jenelle shared that photo above a couple of days ago to show off one of her lipsticks -- she just debuted her new makeup line, JE Cosmetics.

Unfortunately, not too many people focused on the makeup.

Instead, they focused on the way Jenelle seems to have heavily filtered the photo -- and those red marks on her chest.

If you look closely, you can see that there's a lot of discoloration from her neck down to her collarbone, and there's even what could be the hint of a bruise just below her collarbone.

Her nose seems to be a bit discolored, too.

A few people were so dedicated to the downfall of David that they did some editing magic in an attempt to remove some of the many, many filters from the photo.

David Eason and Jenelle

In doing this, the marks appeared darker and much more noticeable -- though that could be because of different filters, not necessarily because these are definitely bruises.

Even without the filtering tricks though, many of Jenelle's followers were immediately suspicious of this photo.

"Is it just me or does her neck look bruised?" one person asked -- many people told her that no, it wasn't just her.

"What are those red marks on your neck??" another person questioned. "Did David do that to you hmmmmm..."

Yet another of her followers asked about the red marks, wondering if it was "an allergic reaction to your makeup or to David's hands."

"She always bruised somewhere," someone claimed, and another stated that she "used a filter to cover up the marks seems like."

David and Jenelle Eason

But while there were many haters willing to believe the worst, there are some actual Jenelle fans who were willing to explain away the issue.

"You're kidding right?" one of those fans said. "I get red marks like that on my chest all the time from anxiety. Which she suffers from as well!"

"Omg she probably just itched herself," another proposed. "I get red like that too when I do that ... lort, full on NCIS in these comments."

So what's really going on here? It's hard to say.

Could those marks be from a scratch or anxiety or a million other innocent, non-concerning reasons?

Of course.

But could it also be something more sinister?

Well, that's the main concern with Jenelle these days, isn't it?

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