Kylie Jenner Hides Baby Bump in Bizarre Fashion

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It's no secret that Kylie Jenner is pregnant, but even though the entire world (barring those who've spent the past few weeks in a coma) knows it, she refuses to comment.

But while questions linger over how long she could possibly avoid commenting on this non-secret, no one seriously doubts the reports of Kylie's pregnancy.

Especially not now that she's starting to tease fans and followers with new photos where she's hiding her baby bump!

Kylie Jenner in a Skimpy Black Top

Kylie Jenner is going to become a mother at 20.

Travis Scott is going to become a father at 25.

While people have -- and even still do -- sometimes have children at even younger ages, that doesn't mean that these two are necessarily at the optimal age to become parents.

Thankfully, Kylie did not plan to get pregnant with her rebound boyfriend so early in their relationship. It just happened.

(Based upon when she's due, it looks like they were dating for maybe a month when Kylie got pregnant)

There's a lot of responsibility involved in becoming a mother that Kylie, who was just 19 years old when she got pregnant late last spring, hasn't ever experienced before.

Her maternal instincts are probably on point because, well, she's the only one of the Kardashian clan who seems properly obsessed with her dogs. 

But instinct isn't going to make you a great parent. Experience does. Patience does. And so does knowing when to ask for help.

We've heard a lot about how Kylie took all of those into account and will be relying a lot on her extended family for support, but until that Kylie pregnancy announcement officially comes, we still haven't heard that in Kylie's own words.

But Kylie isn't leaving folks empty-handed, because she's sharing a couple of new photos and they are ... conspicuously dissimilar to her usual pics.

Kylie Jenner, Baby Bump Hidden

If we didn't know that Kylie's pregnant, we'd want to dismiss this as her being goofy -- but we might wonder if she might be hiding something under that voluminous fabric.

That shirt probably isn't even all that large, but on Kylie's tiny frame, it's a circus tent.

The perfect way to hide a baby bump while making absolutely certain that the entire world knows that you're hiding a baby bump.

It looks like, even though Kylie is several months into her pregnancy, she's really not accumulating much weight gain around her neck and face.

(And whatever pregnancy weight might be there, she's concealing with angles and makeup and lighting -- that's kind of her area of expertise, or whatever)

Baby bumps aren't so easy to hide, especially when you've built your brand upon wearing curve-hugging outfits while sporting a super flat tummy.

Kylie Jenner Hides Her Baby Bump

Honestly, this looks almost insanely comfortable.

A lot of Kylie's outfits (not all of them -- but a lot of them) look like they're great for photographs and general sexiness but not much else.

This bigass shirt, though, looks all kinds of comfy.

And, as Kylie makes clear in both of these photos, she's still keeping up her nail game.

We look forward to whenever Kylie shares her story about how this pregnancy is treating her and what her experience has been like.

But we can assume that it's, at the very least, not one of those awful debilitating pregnancies where you can't even get dressed.

It's hard to see her going the extra mile to wear nails like these if she's about to collapse back into bed or go running for the bathroom as soon as she's done posing.

Kylie Jenner on Her Side

Even though we know so much about Kylie's pregnancy, a lot of questions linger.

What we're most eager to discover is what sort of ridiculous Kardashian name Kylie is going to choose, and if she'll be starting a gimmick to follow with all of her children.

Is a wedding in the future for Kylie and Travis? We've heard rumors, but we want to hear all of this from Kylie.

For now, we guess, she'd rather just tease us all.

Which might mean that she has something major planned for the big reveal.

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