Kylie Jenner: Did She and Travis Scott PLAN to Get Pregnant?!

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2016 was a cursed year and 2017 has a been a nightmare so far, but it looks like 2018 is going to be wild, to say the least.

Because Kylie Jenner is pregnant, you guys, and she's due early next year.

And now we're learning exactly how much planning -- or lake thereof -- went into that.

Kylie Jenner on Her Side

This Spring, Kendall Jenner was slammed for that awful Pepsi ad. It wasn't her fault that it was super bad, the infamy of that ad still haunts her brand. 

Fortunately for her, we guess that Rob and Kylie both decided to make way, way worse decisions. Rob's revenge porn attack on Blac Chyna went over as well as you can imagine, and is costing him dearly.

For her part, Kylie Jenner got pregnant at 19 years old.

And her baby daddy is rapper Travis Scott ... whom she couldn't have been dating for more than, what? A month when she got pregnant?

And he was her rebound guy after she spent a couple of years wrapped around Tyga's finger.

Kylie loves babies, we're sure, but being an aunt who visits babies as a teenager is nothing like actually being a parent.

Kylie's great with her dogs which is a good sign that she probably has some decent maternal instincts, but there's basically no way that she -- or anyone her age -- is truly ready to become a parent.

If you look at all of that, Kendall accepting a well-paying modeling gig from a major brand that happened to be absurdly tone-deaf doesn't sound half-bad, does it?

Kylie Jenner, White Bathrobe

There has been some speculation that Kylie might have deliberately gotten pregnant.

Past reports had indicated that she'd talk about the idea of having a baby when things with Tyga were really good.

Well, there's good news on that front -- Us Weekly reports that Kylie Jenner didn't set out to get pregnant as a teenager. It just happened.

"It definitely wasn’t planned."

According to their report, Kylie weighed her options, including asking her momager and big sister Kim Kardashian for advice on what to do.

(We're guessing that she didn't ask Perez Hilton, though that didn't stop him from declaring his unsolicited opinion that she "should have gotten an abortion")

If anyone's going to become a mom at 20, though, it should be someone who lives a block away from most of her close family.

And someone who also has virtually unlimited resources and no other obligations -- like, say, school or a job or both, like your average 20-year-old -- that would constantly take them away from their baby.

Apparently, these were factors that went into Kylie's decision to go ahead and have a baby despite the surprise nature of it all.

Us also revealed what their sources say about Travis Scott and how, in light of Kylie's news, the family views him.

Kylie in a Bra

Apparently "the family loves him," which is not the reception that most people would get if a 24-year-old rebound guy knocked up a teenager.

(Travis was 24 at the time; he's now 25 and Kylie is 20)

Travis Scott is reportedly "thrilled to become a dad," which lends credence to Travis Scott's vague tweet from this summer actually being about Kylie's pregnancy.

Like anyone wondering if they should become a mother, you know that some fathers end up being deadbeats, so it's important to be sure that you can do this on your own, if necessary.

(That's not a knock against Travis Scott -- seriously, anyone, but especially someone with a recent boyfriend, finding out that they're pregnant needs to plan for the worst)

So Kylie "had to decide if she was prepared, with or without his involvement."

It looks like she figured that she could handle it.

Kylie Jenner Baby Bump?

Ultimately, it was Kylie's confidence in her family that drove her decision, Us reports.

In part because of that support network and how close she lives to her relatives.

But also because of how she's seen the lives of her siblings improve.

"Kylie’s take is that for everyone in her family, children have only made their lives better."

You know, with even baby Dream being clearly the best thing that Rob Kardashian has ever done, that's difficult to dispute.

We can't imagine becoming parents so young, but considering what she's seen from her family, we get where Kylie was coming from.

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